Festival is less than two months away!
We're thrilled to have 51 teams and over 300 paddlers signed up for the 2018 Dragon Boat Festival! With race day just over 7 weeks away, it's time to get your ducks in a row and make sure your team, and all your team members, are registered and ready to go.

Visit www.ptbodragonboat.ca for more details about all of our Divisions and team groupings.
Raised in the community.
Stays in the community.
Once you've registered, don't forget to follow us on social media to get the latest updates!
In case you missed it... what's a Dragon's Lair?
If you've been following our newsletters since launch this year, you already got a hint about what's new with the Dragon's Lair for 2018. But if you're brand new to Dragon Boat, you might not know about this AMAZING perk!

Back in 2016, we introduced a new prize for the top community fundraising team: The Dragon's Lair offered the winning team their own luxury tent in a prime spot in the paddlers' village, with everything from comfy seating and a private changing room to gourmet meals and a personal butler!

BUT NOW, for 2018, we've stepped it up a few notches: the top THREE community teams who raise the most funds in support of cancer care at PRHC will get their own coveted hangout space! Let's meet the Dragon's Nest , where the third-place fundraising team will get:

  • A canopy tent in a prime Festival location
  • Special lunch and beverages provided by the Festival
  • Access to the special 'Pink Potty' (exclusive use by Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Loft and Dragon's Nest paddlers only)
  • A shared Social Director (with the Dragon's Loft) to keep your team on schedule for marshalling and races, and to help you book your massage times in the massage tent
  • Fantastic SWAG bags for your team!
How do we get there?!
There are all kinds of fun and festive options to raise funds for your team goal. Search online for ideas -- host a barbecue, a car wash, garage sale, walk-a-thon... or go big like the FreeFlo Floaters with their 2017 baseball tournament!

In the meantime, here's a reminder of the basics for getting started with your Dragon Boat fundraising:

Step 1: Personalize your fundraising page with photos and your story.
Step 2: Set your personal fundraising goal - aim high!
Step 3: Upload your email contacts so you can use our templates and make fundraising simple.
Step 4: Let your friends, family and colleagues know you're participating in Dragon Boat! Bring flyers to work or social events, start sending emails, and get active on social media.
Step 5: GET CREATIVE! And make sure to tag @PtboDragonBoat in your social media posts so that we can share and cheer you on.

Does your team have an awesome fundraiser planned this year? Tell us so we can share it in an upcoming newsletter and give you a boost!
Michelle's story: Paddling for a cause
Though our Festival is about community and team-building fun, the ultimate goal is about so much more. All proceeds from the event support cancer care in our region through donations to the Peterborough Regional Health Centre Foundation. As participants and fundraisers,  you're helping to save lives like Michelle's, our Festival Chair, by supporting fast, accurate cancer diagnosis and treatment at PRHC. Watch Michelle's video to hear her story first-hand:
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