What's in store for us in 2016?
It's extremely important this year to pay attention to your internal world 
and what it's showing you, especially challenges and fears.
Are you ready for the "real" you to emerge, your soul essence?
The soul essence does not experience fear 
and will initiate the detachment process.
The detachment process may be presented to you in the form of challenges, so it's extremely important to know this and to recognize your challenges as part of the detachment process:  We are detaching from the lower ego of fear and limitations of all types so what we can live our best life ever!   Things may look like they're getting worse, but instead know that what needs to be exposed for transformation is being brought to the surface and out into the *Light*!
- Faith Parent Hendrickson
Portals of Power are magnetically calling to your Higher Soul Self
This is so we can step forward and embrace the highest soul vibration and expression of self available to humanity at this time.
How often do we have challenges where we think "if I could just get through this, everything would be easier, and I'd be OK" then only to have that challenge return again and again and again?  We've forgotten that all challenges are an opportunity to turn that which appears to be breaking us down into a bridge that crosses the many canyons of inner darkness, thus enabling you to find your own inner peace. 

Make the time to recognize and embrace your Shadow, the unknown aspects of yourself, as well as the parts of you that you have rejected. Understand that you don't need to fear darkness and that Darkness is  light particles that have become stagnant. When light particles become stagnant, love is missing, so see this recognition as an opportunity to bring love into that space. Darkness is also actions taken as a result of ignorance and fear. 

To get those light particles moving again is quite simple, actually: it's through the love-based action of self-reflection, and this year it is incredibly important to be in the flow of self-reflection. It is one of the most important keys to opening the Universes of Light within you, and it is an important part of the journey of returning to the oneness of all that is and your total and complete "You".

Shift your perspective into a neutral position so you can see your life challenges as sacred gifts disguised in a cloak of darkness. If you dig deep enough, Light will ignite. It's guaranteed! We need to slice through veils of illusion and make Peace with the challenge.  

We each have our own unique wit, skills, and talents to help ourselves rise above our challenges and to contribute to the external world. The key is loving yourself authentically and completely. You will find it.  

Basically, all any soul truly wants is 
to be loved, whether they know it or not.
This is also the key to World Peace.
It's an inside job first.
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person meditating with energies all around as Antakarana Bridge
It's time to live your best life ever!
The Quantum self manifests the empowering journey of complete self mastery, and it works through the four lower bodies as much as it does through the higher bodies. 

Quantum energy works through the "quadrant template": 
1) Spiritual:  Within this quadrant you create a "bridge" to the higher light-vibrating parts of you.  Choosing to address any kind of limitation, which is a form of darkness, is brought into light-ness. Why should you deny any aspect of your divine self that is part of your light? It is this awareness of our own motivation that is key to living a positively abundant life in the new world, especially before we take action.
2) Mental : Then you move into the mental quadrant, which is one of the most powerful points of creation inside of you as it holds the access keys to your subconscious through the conscious. As we've heard many times before, "our head creates our world," which is because what we think and focus on is what we manifest-whether we are aware of it or not. What most people aren't aware of is the fact that:  Our imagination is stronger than our willpowerThe images in our mind either empower or deplete our willpower, which is our inner flame, our passion, our light (the solar plexus chakra). Thankfully, we are in the New World with energies that now allow us unprecedented access to connecting consciously to these important aspects of ourselves, as well as connecting with higher beings of light.  More on this topic to come.
3) Emotional: The emotional body influences the mental quadrant. Very often emotions and feelings influence what one's thoughts focus upon. Therefore, maintaining a healthy emotional body is vital. Focusing on mental well-being is not enough because it is the emotional well-being that maintains the mental well-being. If you are in an emotional state of turmoil, your thoughts will not be of a higher vibration, and this is a huge reason why the action of being passive (retreat, rest, reflection) is so important. Coming back to the rational self and being in nature is a hugely helpful part of this detachment from drama, as you're now spending time with yourself and Source, or God,  as well as the nurturing element of God, also known as the Goddess (the Mother). Without retreat time where your shadow can visit you and reveal to you the treasures it has been holding for you, your emotional body will not have the energy it needs to maintain mental well-being, so self-reflection goes into a much deeper level. Once the emotional quadrant is held within this golden-light space, so the physical quadrant is then affected.
4) Physical Whatever has happened in the first three quadrants materializes in the last quadrant: physical. 

If you are unhappy with your physicality, then you need to address the first three quadrants. 

It's easy to make excuses as to why self-reflection cannot be done because we are accustomed to limitation, but our life force will shrivel up if we do not give ourselves this time.  The quantum self can communicate with you in an uninhibited fashion where the flow is uninhibited because none of your day-to-day responsibilities and distractions are there to sabotage your efforts.
Remember that when a soul is detaching from limitations, it often comes in the form of challenges.
Each of these above four quadrants contains 44 levels of liberation within them, and these levels of liberation are journeys you embark upon automatically when you choose the quantum journey. 

Your personal guides, masters, and angels, the angelic host, take you through these journeys.  Some of these journeys last a few minutes and some may last for hours, days, weeks, or months, but in general and in this New World energy, you can experience the 44 journeys within the four quadrants rather quickly!

Call to your Guardian Angel, your Higher Self, and to the many Benevolent Beings of Light as they will ensure you remain on track. 

Allow them to embrace you. 

Surrender to their Light and what their purpose is: guiding, guarding, and teaching y ou. 

Email me  if you need help with this process because this is the year of being attuned to your Higher Self and your inner truth! 

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Share this information with others who you feel may be open and ready so we can heal ourselves and Mother Earth and also so know one feels alone, scared, or need help because they don't know what to do.

We are all loved unconditionally and the help is there! 
We're not meant to do this alone.

Make 2016 the year you commit to being your most empowered self! You'll love being You!
You'll love bringing your idea of Heaven to Earth that's just right for you!

With much love always,

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