April 10, 2020  
To all of you, the valued members of our extended CORA Community, 

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your families as we navigate unusual times. I am humbled and proud of the highly capable and dedicated team members at CORA that have continued to serve to the best of their abilities. Despite trying circumstances, they have far exceeded my expectations and I am grateful. If there is anything we can do for your family or a family you know - please reach out.

I sincerely hope that whether you are celebrating Easter or Passover or simply in need of a well-deserved break, that you enjoy a restful weekend in good health. 

Please continue reading to learn about the incredible efforts of our staff over the past two weeks since you last heard from us, and expect regular updates.

AnnMarie Schultz, President & CEO   
  We've been busier than ever...
and it's All FOR YOU!

Sure, it took some getting used to at first, but Team CORA is managing to work wonders in this challenging time. We quickly pivoted from business as usual in our headquarters and schools to creating satellite offices in our homes, working around the clock so we can serve our children and families now, when they need us most.  We are wrapping up our fourth week of working remotely and happy to say we're here to help. Read on to see all we have to offer you and your family.

Rebecca Channing, Community Services Supervisor, reads
Knuffle Bunny  to a student at home while teaching her to make her own stuffed bunny!
CORA Employee's home desk set-up while  writing this very newsletter!

"When you have occasion to help a soul- which will happen frequently if you are attentive-never pass it by."
- St. John Eudes

  CORA is always in need of unrestricted funding. Our current priorities are: 

1) Ensuring our clients and any children or families who need us receive services.
2) Capitalizing on the skills and talents of our staff to ensure they remain gainfully employed.
3) Providing emergency support families with needs as a result of the COVID crisis.     

If you are in a place to make a gift, to support our important work supporting families and strengthening communities, we'd greatly appreciate your generosity, especially at this time of uncertainty. Thank You!  

Coming Soon: 

In response to the many challenges families are currently facing, CORA Services is proud to announce the opening of our  Family Resource Line . This call-in service is being initiated to help children and families in the community navigate academic, social and emotional difficulties in the context of social distancing and the COVID19 crisis.  

As a Resource Center for children and families, our agency is interested in connecting the community with our caring professionals so they can assist in making this time less stressful and more productive.

When the line goes live, any members of the community (not just current clients) may call  215-342-7660  to speak with a CORA employee live and ask questions related to the following topics:
  • Academic Support - Have a homework question? Let our educators help!
  • Parent Consultation - Experiencing new behaviors while your children are home that you want help addressing properly? Get a counselor's advice!
  • Community Resources - Need help accessing basic needs ? Our case managers can help!
The CORA Family Resource Line launches soon and we want to hear from you. Please reach out with any questions you have related to homeschooling your child/children, supporting them or other family members emotionally during this time, or accessing help in meeting your basic needs, or needs that have arisen as a result of COVID19.

*Stay tuned for the Family Resource Line schedule or email [email protected] for more information.

Here's a small glimpse of 
what we've been up to!

Norah (age 4), CORA Early Years Fox Chase student,  excitedly completed a recommended activity from her Early Years teachers (Rainbow Scavenger Hunt).  

Left Image: Rebecca Channing, Community Services Supervisor, reads a story to a  student while he makes a craft.  Right Image:  Educator, Roseanne White, provides virtual math enrichment to the young men at Father Judge so the Crusaders can keep their math skills sharp during the school closure. 

CORA's Early Years:
Turning Lemons into Lemonade!

Our Early Education staff are getting great practice at being innovative and technologically savvy to reach our children wherever they are! It takes truly passionate, creative and caring individuals to be able to create experiences that leave positive and lasting impressions on children. Our Early Years team, comprised of staff from all three locations, is a prime example of that!

How do you keep children engaged during these unprecedented times? It's no small feat ( no pun intended). There is so much that goes into this, but CORA's Early Years teachers figured out a way to further strengthen the connection they have with their children and families while distanced, but certainly not isolated ... 


Educational videos have been the majority of what Early Years staff have been up to while working remotely, along with live, engaging, interactive lessons to keep the little ones active and thinking!

Check out this video of teacher Inez Ragan demonstrating to her children and families on how to dye Easter Eggs through a virtual connection. This is only one sample of many that Early Years have been working hard on to keep their connections strong.

Inez Ragan, Early Years teacher at CORA, demonstrates how to dye Easter Eggs.
Inez Ragan, Early Years teacher at CORA, demonstrates how to dye Easter Eggs.

The Early Years team at CORA certainly knows how to engage with their children and families in ways that promote growth and productivity. When your child is enrolled at any one of our sites, you will both experience the compassion and personal attention for which CORA has been known for nearly 50 years!

Information Submitted By: 
Christina Towns,   Early Years La Salle Director - [email protected]
Melody Connell, Early Years Huntingdon Mills Director - [email protected]
Kristen Moore, Early Years Fox Chase Director - [email protected]

ENROLL NOW in CORA's Early Years Summer Programs!

Our Early Years staff have been communicating with their students and families regularly to keep the children engaged! Kids were thrilled to receive phone calls, video messages and even song recordings from their teachers! They've also been preparing for fun and educational summer programming at all three locations. 

If you aren't already following, please visit the Early Years pages on Facebook ( Fox Chase,   La Salle  and   Huntingdon Mills ) for excellent resources from our early education staff as well as updates about the programs.



CORA is proud to share that we are now offering substance use counseling services through Teletherapy. Our counselors can provide individual and family counseling services for adults and adolescents with substance use concerns.

If you, or someone you know has a substance use disorder and could benefit from talking to one of our counselors, contact our intake department. 

We are accepting new clients!
Call 215-342-7660 for more information.

Information Submitted By: 
Katie Cardone,  Clinical Services,  AOD Clinical Supervisor

CORA Employee Makes Masks 
For Those In Need

Jacquelyn Bowes Ulun, a teacher here in CORA's School Services Division, decided that her time at home could be put to better use by helping others in need. And who better to help during this crisis than the Doctors and Nurses who are on the front-lines of this war against the virus? In true Jackie fashion, she didn't hesitate to order supplies and get to work.
"I decided to make the masks because I felt so bad for the nurses and doctors who are risking their lives daily and don't have the necessary basics to protect themselves", said Jacquelyn, a Catholic School Teacher of 13 years, and owner of Mallin's Fudge store in Wildwood, N.J. 

There was one small problem with this plan: Jacquelyn only sewed once before in her entire life! However, that didn't stop her from trying, and after a few crooked seams and some trial and error, she found a steady rhythm. Now she is pumping out masks and making CORA more proud than ever to have her on the team.  

Jacquelyn's operation is not just thoughtful, it's careful and thorough. She uses a tight-woven cotton for the front and a soft flannel for the back. Why you might ask? Because flannel doesn't allow as many germs to pass through the fabric, and it also provides a softer feel on the face for those who will wear them. It's these added touches of compassion that CORA staff are known for in all they do. 
Most importantly, Jacquelyn wanted to make sure these masks would definitely serve their purpose in addition to being comfortable, so she purchased HEPA filters to stuff between the two fabrics. Nothing compares to HEPA filtration when it comes to blocking bacteria and viruses, and she wanted the best protection for these front-line workers. She truly thought of everything. The filters can even be removed from her masks and easily washed!

Your CORA community thanks you, Jacquelyn, for all that you have done to help those in need, whether it be in a classroom teaching, or learning a new skill solely for the benefit of others. 

Spreading the Love 

We've all been reading about the devastation this pandemic has laid upon our global economy and well-being, but have you been following any of the positive stories that have emerged? They are certainly not as easy to find, but there are MANY positive movements and uplifting messages out there to brighten your day.  You just need to know where to look...

Look no further! We got you! There are enough places to look for the current number of COVID cases. Here are some positive stories we felt would be important to share with you to close our newsletter. Working together, one step at a time, we will end up in a better place. Hang in there. Reach out if you need us!

We are all in this together.
Stay safe and healthy.


Left Image: A 6th grader had a math question, so her teacher drove over with a white board to show her how to solve the problem without violating social distancing rules. Right Image: Captain Arma of the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship, where Coronavirus spread rapidly aboard the ship and caused passengers to remain at port for nearly a month, made sure to be the very last to leave the boat after ensuring all of his crew and passengers disembarked safely.

Children are chalking words of inspiration for anyone who walks by to see! Positive chalk messages written by kids and their families have "gone viral", in a positive way! People have also begun leaving friendly chalk messages for their neighbors and friends, only to find them being reciprocated shortly after. Pay it forward!

Left Image: A family decided to make face masks to help the deaf and hearing impaired. Right Image: The canals in Italy are so clear due to the lack of boat traffic and pollution, that you can now see sea life swimming in them, including dolphins!

Updates and Resources

We have been monitoring the COVID-19 Crisis, and have put together a list of resources and articles. You can find them by visiting our  website: 

You will find resources such as:
How to Resolve Landlord/Tenant Conflict
Virtual Recovery Support and AA Meetings
Supporting Children during COVID-19
Successful School Routines at Home
Advice for Newly Remote Workers
Emotional Health Support
Finding Free Meals
Free Activities
And much more!

CORA Free Events
 In addition, CORA has been using Facebook Events as a means of connecting you to exciting events and educational activities for all ages. From taking a Virtual Reality 360 swim with a sea turtle, to building a pillow fort with your children, we've thought of it all for you. 

See below for an example of just a few of the many events we have lined up for you and your family. 

Information Submitted by:
Brett Cohen, Marketing and Communications Associate

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