Azelis Partnership Begins with Kickoff BBQ Event
As we recently announced, Vigon has been acquired by Azelis, a world leading Specialty Chemical Distributor.

This week, members of both the Vigon & Azelis teams met at Vigon for a COVID safe outdoor "kickoff" meeting.

Leaders from various departments of Azelis introduced themselves and educated our team about the family of companies Vigon has joined and about the exciting future that await us.

The day finished off with a catered lunch and a question & answer session with Azelis Americas CEO Frank Bergonzi. Frank is pictured here with Steve Somers Sr, Vigon's President.

Vigon Runs Inventory
At the end of May, our team performed an inventory count of all our containers. This required the Vigon team to count almost 30,000 containers which was accomplished over just two days and without interrupting our business.

Vigon's inventory discrepancy was less than 0.1%. This accuracy is a result of our disciplined logistics team and the container level bar coding system our IT team has developed. This system allows us to track the location of all of our containers and update the quantities in real time.

Carolyn Caruso
Senior QC Lab Technician

Tell us a little about your background…

I am originally from New York, but my husband and I moved here 15 years ago. I went to Marymount College and have a BS in Food & Nutrition and have worked in the health field, and both corporate and retail food management before coming to Vigon.
What is your favorite part about your job? 

Working here is never the same every day! I enjoy the variety and fast pace. There are new things going on all the time here in the lab.
What do you like to do in your free time? 

I love to be outdoors and being active in general. In the winter I enjoy skiing. During these warmer months I love hiking, exploring Northeastern PA, or just walking my dog somewhere local. I also love cooking and trying out new foods.

 Chrissy Campos
QC Supervisor
25 Yearss
Michael Biel
Reaction & Distillation Supervisor
16 Years

Brad Toro
Production Specialist
16 Years
Chris Frantz
IT Systems Manager
5 Years

Barbara Frantz
Commercial Administrative Assistant
3 Years
 James Romeus
Production Specialist
2 Years