Over 1,000 Gallons of Hand Sanitizer Donated

After rerouting production to produce the World Health Organization's formula for hand sanitizer, Vigon's donations to the community has surpassed 1,000 gallons.  

The sanitizer is being dispersed to local organizations that are struggling with supply shortages. These include hospitals, urgent care facilities, nursing homes, and emergency response services, as well as any other public-serving organization in need. 

Pictured: Norman Worth, Board Member of Atlantic Health.

Vigon Donates Needed Supplies to Community 

With support from Chinese partners, Vigon has donated a significant amount of Personal Protective Equipment to the Lehigh Valley Network Hospital in PA and the Atlantic Health System in NJ. This equipment includes N95 masks, hospital gowns, and sanitary wipes, as well as the Hand Sanitizer in production.  

Pictured: Nurses from Atlantic Health expressing their gratitude.

Daeqwuan Evans 
Shipping & Receiving Specialist

Tell us a little bit about your 

I moved to Pennsylvania when I was 13, started working as a lifeguard when I turned 14 and I've been working ever since. 

What do you like best about your  job?

I can work in almost any area of the warehouse due to my knowledge of the many areas we have in our Distribution Center. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to play basketball, video games, and most importantly I love spending time with my son Jaxon .
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31 Years
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Owner and President
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