Continuing Support for Our Local Community

We're proud to continue our support for local organizations during this pandemic.  Our production facilities were re-routed to produce the W.H.O.'s formula for hand sanitizer, and we have now donated over 1,000 gallons to local organizations struggling with supply shortages. 

Among these organizations  are hospitals, urgent care facilities, nursing homes, emergency response services, as well as other public-serving organizations in need such as our local United Way, Salvation Army, and American Red Cross.

Christopher Kemp
Shipping & Receiving Specialist

Tell us a little bit about your 

I graduated from Shepherd University with a B.S. in Health and Sports Fitness. I've been involved in Warehousing for 20 years ranging from laborer to Director of Operations.

What do you like best about your  job?

Working with the guys in the warehouse and helping to create and try different methods to improve speed and efficiency. 

Can you share an interesting fact about yourself?

I played NCAA football as a Quarterback.
Chrissy Campos
QC Supervisor
24 Years
Chris Frantz
IT Systems Engineer/ Administrator
4 Years
Mike Biel
R&D Supervisor
15 Years
Barbara Frantz
Manufacturing Administrative Assistant
2 Years
Brad Toro
Production Specialist
15 Years
James Romeus
Production Specialist
1 Year