September 2019 
Promotional products are an important part of any marketing strategy. Whether you sell simple consumer products or expensive and complex services, the right promotional product printed with your logo can amplify your marketing efforts and help you maintain a presence in your customer's life. So, let's talk about the impact promotional products can make through a little game of fact or fiction. Ready? Set? Let's play!
80% of people own between 1 and 10 promotional products.
Fact! Promotional products are an important part of people's lives.

Less than 50% of people use a promotional product once a week.
Fiction! Over 50% of people who own a promotional product use it at least once a week. For the majority of people, these products aren't just lying around collecting dust. They are actually helping people in their daily lives!

60% of people keep promotional products for just under one year.
Fiction! 60% of people keep promotional products for up to two years. This means a couple of different things. One, it means that most people aren't just going to throw your promotional product in the garbage. But it also means that if you haven't had a new promotional product made in the past two years, your last one may not be around anymore.

Bags generate the most average impressions of any promotional product.
Fact! Because they are used so frequently and taken out of the home where others can see them, they represent an exceptional opportunity to get your logo out there.

Mugs with your logo on them are more effective than radio and TV ads.
Fact! 57% of people were able to recall the advertiser represented on a mug vs 32% on radio and 28% on TV.

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