August 2019 - Greenville, MS Volume 6
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This month topic: PETS
  • Survivors fearful to leave an abuser because of animal abuse may soon have more options | For those lucky enough to have never experienced the cycle of power and contr... read more

  • Do-Gooder starts Florida nonprofit to take in survivors' pets while they find shelter | Jen Adams was in her early 40s with no kids when she felt the calling to “j... read more
  • One nonprofit hopes to fund a pet-friendly domestic violence shelter in every state | Think of them as the Red Cross for animals, says Nicole Forsyth, President and... read more

  • Domestic violence and animal abuse are often intricately linked | Q: My husband has a temper, though he’s never actually hit me—he only yells. But lately, whenever ... read more
  • Furry ‘therapists’ help adult and child survivors of DV open up | When children become the collateral damage of domestic violence in the home, their emotional scars... read more
  • How to best prepare yourself if you expect a dispute with your abuser over pet ownership | When separating from or divorcing a partner, things can get messy, even mor... read more
  • Organizations help place pets when people escape abuse | Q: Are there organizations that help place pets in loving families when people leave? Nobody wants to leave... read more

  • Report may spot areas where domestic violence is more likely | There has long been a link between those who abuse animals and those who abuse people. According to the... read more
  • Four steps survivors can take when escaping with their pets | When escaping domestic violence, survivors are often worried about pets’ safety if left with the abuser,... read more
  • When, what and why to adopt | There are many things we’re advised to do for the betterment of our health­ – eat more kale, start jogging, go to bed earlier, drink wat... read more
  • Taking your pet with you when fleeing an abuser is mutually beneficial for you and Fido | There’s nothing like the unconditional love between owner and pet. So it’s... read more

  • Here’s what you can expect when you get there | Where will I sleep? What will I do with my dog? What if I can’t take anything with me when I leave? These are just a... read more

  • When you and the family pet need to escape violence, where can you go? | Animal abuse and domestic violence are intricately, and sadly, linked. According to the Ani... read more
"Sisters of Faith"
Addressing the needs of adult
"children of domestic and sexual violence ."
Contact Dr. Davenport at 662-334-6873 for additional details.

AGES 13-24
Join our W.A.V.E. Youth Council
W orking A gainst V iolence E verywhere
Contact Felecia Thomas at 662-334-6873 for additional details .
Our House in Action
July & August
July 2019 - Miletus Covenant Connection Conference
sponsored by Advisory Board Member - Dr. Roderick Mitchell

Miletus Covenant Connection is a membership of Christian churches and ministries across the nation with more than 32 members under the mentorship of Founder-Bishop Roderick Mitchell.
Pictured above:
  • Dr. Patricia Ann Davenport CEO of Our House, Inc.

  • Arhchbishop Kenneth McNatt Hamilton, GA spoke at the morning services-July 22, 2019 on "Stretch Your Faith"

  • Ms. Yvette Renee Garner Financial Officer for Our House

We were honored to sponsor the Youth Academy on Relationships: Commanded to Stretch. Coach Alfred Powell was the guest speaker pictured below with Psalmist Earnstine Dillard.
Video brief on the #MeToo Movement by Dr. Sharon Davis at our annual Soaring to the Future with Visionaries Voices Pre-conference on August 8, 2019.

Co-Sponsors: Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART)-Delta Health Alliance Program, MS Coalition Against Sexual Assault, MS Coalition Against Domestic Violence, New Life Church, Inc. and Our House, Inc.

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Over the years, New Jerusalem MB Church has had the privilege of imparting in High School Graduates, entering college as Freshman, life tips and advice that they've carried with them from then until now.. and this year was no different.

Our House, Inc.'s Victim Service Advocate (Makayla Morris) and Healthy Relationship Director ( Felecia Thomas) had the honor of addressing Identifying the Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship.

Special thanks to Ms. Shelia Parker (Mission Ministry Leader) for the invitation. New Jerusalem MB Church is under the leadership of Pastor Myron and Mrs. Angela Holmes.
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Discussion at Beauty Shop

"Submit to your Husband"

Self Care

A Netflix Series

SPECIAL NOTE: We do not endorse the purchasing of any items. We are ONLY sharing information that may be useful to survivors and advocates.

I am really concerned about the need to have services for survivors' pets.
I don't know what I would do without my service animal, Becky. She goes everywhere with me.

We must do more for survivors.
Our House, Inc.
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VISION STATEMENT: A world free of interpersonal violence.

MISSION STATEMENT: To lead, empower and inspire change by eliminating domestic violence and sexual violence through intervention, prevention, prosecution, victim protection and sustainable restoration in rural communities; and, to enhance the lives of survivors of interpersonal violence by providing services that meet the psychological, spiritual and cultural needs of those we serve.