And whatsoever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.
Colossians 3:23
From the Executive Minister  

In this newsletter you will find information regarding the First 'Biennial' Meeting of the Region on Sept. 20 -22.  One of the special speakers at this year's meeting is Rev. Dr. John Pentland. Dr. Pentland is the lead pastor of Hillhurst United Church in Calgary, Alberta.  Numbers don't say everything, but look at some of the changes between 2004 and 2015 at Hillhurst United Church:

2004 Statistics
2015 Statistics
Sun. attendance 80 - 100 350 - 400
Sun. school < 10 100
Demographics Mostly elderly Variety of ages/ family focus
Services 1 every Sun. 2 services +
Monthly offering $2400 $26,000
Community 120 familes 435 families
Staff Traditional model 28 paid staff/100s of volunteers

Clearly, Dr. Pentland has something to share, which many of our churches need to hear. Read more.

Monthly Prayer List   

July 1 St. Luke Missionary, Charlotte, NC
July 8 Minnesota Lisu Church of Jesus
July 15 Common Ground Fellowship
July 22 Second Baptist Church of Mumford
July 29 York Baptist Church
2018 Region Biennial Meeting

The Baptist Temple
1101 Clover Street, Rochester
Sept. 20 - 22
Thu., 7 pm - Rev. Dr. John Pentland
"How Curiosity Transformed a Community of Faith"
Fri., 9:30 - 2 - Rev. Dr. John Pentland
Leadership Workshop
Fri., 6 pm - Celebration and Reception Rev. Newton
NOTE: FBC Rochester, 175 Allens Creek Road
Sat., 9 - 4 - Biennial Meeting                                                                               Read more
Thank you Friends of the Region  Friends

Pal (up to $100) -  Lau/Burch
Friend ($100 - 149) - M. Kerr, Fry, Hughson
Companion ($150 - 399) - Stahl, Sparnecht

Sponsored by the Clergy Mental Health Consultation. Read more.   
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