dc employees along sign saying changing signs. changing minds. with current static handicapped logo and newer more dynamic version
Legislative Day 2019. dis Ability Connections staff (Brian Elliott, Ashlee Evans, Lesia Pikaart, and Parrish Stahl) and dis Ability Connections Inc Board President Pamela Gosla beside proposed new logo of HB 4516.
Signs of Change
People may not know the root of the word “handicapped” is an old term that comes from returning veterans begging because they didn't have benefits “with their cap in hand” on a street corner.  Perceptions matter, and our individual experiences can lead to long-lasting feelings.

In late April, there were two new House bills proposed by Rep. Beau LaFave ( HB 4516 ) and Rep. Greg VanWoerkom ( HB 4517 ). These two new bills will help impact the perception of disability across Michigan. HB 4516 proposes using the new, more dynamic logo going forward rather than the current static imagery on all signage and designated areas. HB 4517 seeks to eliminate the term “handicapped” from signs and other communications at state and local levels. ... continue reading
Summer Offerings

Tired of the same ol’ thing and searching for a way to mix things up this summer? Need to get the kids (or yourself) away from a screen now that Michigan finally made the turn to better weather? Just happens, you are in luck! Beginning in June, Jackson YMCA is offering classes for the whole family at no cost or a minimal fee.  Check out the summer programs here . You can take part in biking around on some of our area trails, group Yoga, nutrition classes and more!! 

Did you know of Pedaling for Parkinson's or Rock Steady Boxing ? Two offerings geared towards those with disabilities providing exercises to help improve, strength, flexibility, endurance, cognitive skills, agility, mobility, posture and make everyday tasks a little simpler. Make sure to view all of their offerings on their website http://www.jacksonymca.org/programs/ .  You might just discover a hidden talent or new found interest. All thanks to your local YMCA and taking advantage of their offerings. Try something new. I dare you.

Ok, you didn't see anything you are eager to do in those options. Here are some quick resource links to consider offering restaurants, activities, destinations, events, festivals, museums and more across our Tri-County area:
The Great Outdoors
camping-stove with a pot on burners
Ready to take off for these great Michigan Summer weekends and use the ol' camping gear? Much like any other trip for a person with a disability, camping requires detailed planning and an awareness of what you need. I’m not talking about “Glamping” in a hotel either. Real camping is what this is about. Need a power source for a vent, chair, or other equipment? What about bathroom supplies, bedding needs, comfort items? A detailed list of needs vs luxuries will help shrink down the amount truly needed. A nicety about camping in 2019 is ability to get information and research where you will be. Prepare by calling ahead. Knowing what type of camping you want to do and what type of camping is offered is essential to an enjoyable experience. The DNR has information available ... Continue reading
dis Ability Connections Updates
It's just a few months away! Save the date for the annual Disability Awareness Dinner on Oct 10th, 2019.
save the date DAD 2019
Yes, that's true! The Access For All program has also now been converted to a free APP for smart phones. Available now for both iPhone and Android in their App Stores. Download Access For All and Know Before You Go!