December 2021 Newsletter
An Evening to Remember
On November 8th 2021, Hangar 11 at the Tel Aviv Port was filled with life, friends and donors from Israel and around the world. Everyone came to salute and give to the children and alumni of Bet Elazraki.

This year, the Children’s Home Friends Association in Israel sponsored the annual (20th) event, with the theme of “the Melody Returns”. The concept relates to the inability to conduct the event last year due to COVID restrictions. The amazing attendance clearly demonstrated how important it was now – more than over – to express gratitude, and energize those who are always there for the children and adults of the Home, even after they embark into independence.

The event was conducted entirely on the principle of giving, as all service providers operated on a fully voluntary basis. The icing on the cake was singer Ishay Ribo who, together with his musicians, provided an especially incredible and touching performance.

The evening was hosted by two alumni of the Home, and included speeches, an alumni singing performance and a special new video presenting the touching story of an alumnus who shared his difficulties, successes and progress in life thanks to Bet Elazraki.
Chanukah at Bet Elazraki
Chanukah at Bet Elazraki was filled with so much joy and light!

On the first night, we held the Annual Riklis Chanukah Party, where we celebrate with all of our current children & staff, as well as with many of our graduates and their families. It is such a beautiful evening to have our entire extended Bet Elazraki family together, and is truly one of the most anticipated events of the year!

At this event, we distributed, for the first time, awards to 10 children from all different groups who we determined have gone “above and beyond”—whether that means showing improvement in their studies, their behavior, etc.— and to 2 outstanding employees.

We were so blessed to be joined by Ira and Diana Riklis, of the Riklis Midreshet Torat Chessed at Bet Elazraki, along with their daughter and grandson, Jordana and Ilan. It was an incredible evening that we will never forget!
Our Skateboarding Group
At Bet Elazraki, we are always looking for new and creative ways to engage the children, and expose them to unique activities. Just a few weeks ago, we began a weekly skateboarding "chug" (after-school activity) that the kids of all ages have been enjoying so much!
A trip to say "Thanks"
We recently took a group of our oldest children to visit the local fire department and get a more "hands-on" look at the incredible job that they have. This was more relevant than ever as we were also able to express our utmost gratitude for the help that they provided during our own fire in the Home this summer.
Marathon Training in full swing!
Our running group is working hard in preparation to participate in a half-marathon in Miami this Spring! As we do every year, our children will be running in loving memory of Captain Liran Edry, Z"L, who tragically fell in Operation Protective Edge. Liran and his family continue to constantly serve as an inspiration to all of the children of Bet Elazraki. Our group is looking so forward to this incredible experience, and we can't wait to share more updates as their training progresses.
Graduates "Spotlight"
Mazel Tov to Bet Elazraki alumnus Roi Tasao on his marriage to the wonderful Yifat.
Mazel Tov to our beautiful graduate, Batel, on her marriage to Bekale (above) and Oshri & Tiferet (below).
Mazel Tov on the births of some of our newest "Bet Elazraki Grandchildren":
Elor, born to Doron & Adi Sayo, (above)
Tohar, born to Maayan & Danyo, (below)
We are so proud of all of our graduates, and the bright futures that we know lie ahead of them.
Wishing all of our friends around the world a happy and healthy 2022!
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