February 2022 Newsletter
A Message From Yehuda
The month of Adar brings with it great joy...

To our dear friends,
Our Home is full of activity, and there is never a dull moment—all thanks to you! You have a huge part in the full and rich lives of our children and graduates, by believing in them, and investing in their successes. In honor of the happiest month of the Jewish year, we have put together a host of updates that we hope will warm your hearts. Without you, none of what you are about to read would be possible!

With friendship and appreciation always,
Many Milestones...
Our alumni soldiers continue to bring us great pride.

Eitan has successfully met the requirements for entering the Naval Cadet program, and will be enlisting in April.
Yosef Haim enlisted in the IDF and successfully passed the preliminary elite unit program.

Of course, their Bet Elazraki family was there by their sides to wish them the best of luck!

May they both succeed and remain safe.
Many Weddings...
Last week, we had the great joy of celebrating the marriage of our incredible alumnus, Limor Sayo, and her beloved, Roee. Limor arrived at the Children’s Home at a very young age. From the start, we knew that she would flourish and be successful. An entire bus was filled with guests from the Children’s Home, and the evening was amazing and inspiring. We wish Limor and Roee a beautiful life together!
Many Babies...
There is no greater joy than watching our family grow! We proudly welcome our new grandchildren:
Karina and Amichai Birnboim welcomed a baby girl.
Yossi and Yana Zarihan welcomed a baby girl.
Bat Chen and Bechor Bokovza welcomed a baby boy.

Mazal tov, and may they raise them in health and joy.
Many Academic Achievements...
Top Ten for the Semester
In a ceremony held at our Home marking the end of the first semester, ten children were granted Certificates of Excellence, presented to them by Yehuda Kohn, Director of the Children’s Home. The outstanding students were applauded by their friends with great excitement. The faculty noted each of the student’s achievements during the last semester.

The report card that proves that effort pays off!
(Image below is of 2 report cards – one from last year and one from this year.)
Why are we so excited by this report card? After all, we’ve seen better, with multiple A’s and B’s. The answer is that these report cards depict a process! They show how the children overcome their difficulties and work hard to excel in every subject in order to succeed and create a better starting point for their future. Report cards that demonstrate such a process bring tears of happiness to our eyes, proving that we are on the right track.

Academic Degree for Alumnus, Lior Ezra
Imagine our joy and excitement when 27-year old Lior Ezra visited the Children’s Home with a Practical Engineering Diploma, and a respectable job in the field. We were all touched when he came back to say, “Thank you for believing in me, thank you for not giving up on me, thank you for funding my studies and supporting me. I’m here to show you the fruits of your labor”.
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