CultureLink Newsletter - November 2018
This month, CultureLink celebrates 30 years of diversity, inclusion and growth. It all began with the Metro Toronto Host program in 1988, and the idea of locals befriending newcomers to support their integration in the community. We now serve our clients and participants in all areas of life: employment, education, social life, sustainability, recreation and therapeutic activities. We continue to rely on the personal touch of committed volunteers to provide services that make our diverse community inclusive, strong, and growing. Please take a moment to review recent media coverage of our work, and our achievements .
2018 AGM highlights CultureLink's Seniors programs

On October 25th, CultureLink held its 2018 Annual General Meeting. Alongside official business, we celebrated 30 years of diversity, inclusion, and growth with a special event showcasing our Seniors program. Our senior clients showed their musical talents and their powers as public entertainers.... Read More
Boo! First Halloween for newcomer students!

Newcomer students participated in their first Halloween on October 31, at Ryerson Community School. They were so excited to make their first Jack-o-Lantern at Monday Club!

Huayu is one of many newcomers to Canada who had never celebrated Halloween. He asked Lucy, “Oh my God, how could people put such awful things in front of their houses?". His mom took him trick-or-treating with his classmates that night. They all had a great time!

What happens after school on Thursdays, at St. Mary Catholic Academy?

An incredibly diverse group of newcomer youth are developing their leadership skills in the Multicultural Club for Newcomer Youth. We have about 25 participants...