De La Salle Academy Community News
October, 2018
School is back in session!
A message from our
Founder and President
This school year we began the 35th year of De La Salle Academy! I can recall vividly that summer of 1984 when I literally begged and borrowed desks, lockers, office furniture, books, and equipment including an old spirit master duplicator with the crank handle as our copy machine.

 I drove a U-HAUL truck through the streets of the Bronx and Manhattan to the various schools that were making the donations of “stuff.” Power Memorial High School was closing that same summer so they were a gold mine for us. We had to carry the stuff down six or seven flights of stairs. We were on the top floor of Holy Name School, another grueling four long flights of stairs. .... read more
De La Salle @ Civic Spirit Institute
This summer, De La Salle Academy educators Jonathan Waechter and Wilson Martinez joined 40 educators from 13 Jewish and Catholic middle and high schools from New York and New Jersey to attend an intensive week-long training institute, co-facilitated by  Civic Spirit  and the  Jack Miller Center .

De La Salle Academy was selected as an essential member of a cohort of schools leading the way for civic education across the country... read more
Prospective families of students currently in 5th and 6th grade .

Come join us on November 15, 2018, 4:30-7:00PM where you will have the opportunity to meet our faculty, tour our school and learn from our students and parents why De La Salle Academy is the right school for your child.
Siempre Pa’lante!
Angel Rubiel Gonzalez '99 leading as Principal
It is with great joy that I welcome you to our thirty-fifth year at De La Salle Academy!

As we begin a new school year filled with many changes and transitions, many aspects remain the same. In the mornings, students and teachers greet each other with loving hugs and firm handshakes. New sixth graders emerge from subway stations shouldering mountains of books and school supplies... read more
A reflection of our 8th grade girls retreat by Dr. Carla Espana
“I feel like I grew a lot closer and feel more comfortable opening up” 
- 8th grade DLSA student during girls’ retreat
What does it take to create community, to sustain it, and to care deeply about one another’s growth? During the girls’ retreat, the 8th grade girls and faculty showed how this could be done. Taking it further, all revealed that it must be done in order to live authentically and to be a part of one another’s healing and growth. This is a time of transition and intention. Students are thinking about the transitions in their social lives, academic goals with high school around the corner, and growth in the ways... read more
A De La Salle Academy education provides:

  • Accelerated Curriculum
  • Diverse Student Body
  • Dedicated Faculty
  • Character Development
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Nurturing Community
  • Personalized High School Placement

100% of our students receive financial aid. Since 1984, no student has been turned away due to a family’s financial situation.

DECEMBER 1, 2018
for current 5th grade

JANUARY 19, 2019
for current 6th grade

To learn more about our application process or to download this year's application visit