November 2020
We're already half way through November, and if you're like #TeamNesin we are counting down to next week's holiday festivities. Bring on the turkey! Of course as physical therapists, we want to keep you safe, so we recommend you check out our quick tips for Thanksgiving Day!

Besides Thanksgiving, November also brings National Bladder Month, which may not be as appealing turkey and stuffing but is pretty important. We're sure some of you reading this often dismiss your bad bladder habits as normal. Give PT Amanda Spalding's blog a read below to learn more about bladder habits including advice that could help with your holiday travels!

The celebrations in November continue as we welcomed two new members to our team and held our annual State of the Union. Scroll down to see some new faces including our new four-legged friend as well as our Excellence Award Winner, Tiffany Kennedy, PT, DPT!

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3 Quick Tips for Thanksgiving Day
1.Watch How You Bend
When lifting your scrumptious turkey out of the oven, be mindful of your body mechanics and don't lift with your back.
2.Remember Correct Posture
While cooking your Thanksgiving meal, have correct standing posture and take sitting breaks when needed.
3.Take Care of Yourself
While taking care of your family, remember to take care of yourself and do your exercise program. We also recommend you get moving instead of opting for a nap on the couch post-Thanksgiving meal.

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Let's Talk About Bladder Habits
Author: Amanda Spalding PT, DPT
Huntsville Clinic
Most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about our bladders unless it’s really, uncomfortably full. Because we only think about our bladders when we have to pee, we never think about the good or bad habits we’re establishing. Check out the lists below to see what bad habits you should be avoiding and what good habits to start implementing.

Bad Bladder Habits:

“Just in Case” peeing: How often as a child were you told to “go try” before leaving for a big car ride or before we go somewhere with questionable cleanliness of the bathrooms? How often do we still apply those habits to our daily life? We pee before we leave the house. We pee when we get to our destination. We see a bathroom and we think “I should probably go ahead and use it - just in case”. We try one more time before bed, just to make sure we don’t have to get up in the middle of the night. Our bladders are very habitual. When we start making these habits of going on a very frequent (and not necessary) basis, our bladder starts telling our brains that we have to go, even when our bladder isn’t full, sometimes when our bladder is barely full (nervous pee, anyone?). We will get more into what’s normal and what we can do later. Suffice to say, just in case peeing is bad. Just don’t do it. 

Hovering: Let’s set the stage: you’re on a big road trip to the beach, you’ve had the Big Gulp 44 oz Diet Coke, and now have a very full bladder. It always happens in the middle-of-nowhere Alabama, right? You pull over to the next gas station and it’s... disgusting. You can’t wait any longer so grit your teeth and decide to just do it. You’ll just squat and hover over the toilet and avoid all the germs. No problem, right? Wrong. The pelvic floor is considered part of our postural muscles and will always be working at least a little bit when we are upright. When we hover to pee, we aren’t allowing the pelvic floor to fully relax, thereby requiring the bladder to just force the urine out. Urination should be a passive process in which we relax and we empty the bladder.
Our Newest Members of #TeamNesin
Please join us in welcoming Wendy Daehn and Tiana to the team!
Wendy joined #TeamNesin as our new Marketing and PR Assistant,
and we are so happy to have her! Welcome, Wendy!
Then meet our #cutest new team member, Tiana! This is our PT Gloria's newest Canine Companion dog in training!
Scenes From Our State Of The Union
Congratulations to Tiffany Kennedy, PT, DPT for being our Eagle Excellence Award Winner! The award was well deserved!
What Our Patients Are Saying
Well I was seen by Amanda, as well as several other excellent physical therapists and support staff, and I have nothing but positive things to say. Yes, the facility is clean and staff pleasant, but just the way everyone conducts themselves around patients is awesome -- and most important to me. They all know their skills well, and they really teach their patients how to manage their care at home, as well fielding any other questions one might have about preventing pain due to overuse of muscle or joints. I'm glad I was seen at Nesin.

-Ryan B.
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