October 2020
Here at Nesin, October is one of our favorite months. There's always lots to celebrate especially National PT Month! We love to highlight and show our appreciation to our awesome team of therapists including our newest physical therapist hire, Sha'Rose!

With the emphasize on PT this month and Breast Cancer Awareness, we remind you of the benefits of physical therapy after breast cancer by sharing one of our own's journey with breast cancer and physical therapy. Give the article and handout a read and pass along to a friend or family member.

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Our Newest Member of #TeamNesin
Please join us in welcoming Sha'Rose Erion PT, DPT to the team!

Sha'Rose joined #TeamNesin last month and has proven to be a great addition to our Madison clinic!

Welcome, Sha'Rose!
Physical Therapy After Breast Cancer
Author: Tiffany Kenndey PT, DPT
Research Park Clinic Director
When I heard that I had breast cancer, I quickly learned that I could not focus on things that I could not control, but had to take full charge of those that I could. I had to advocate for myself and my needs.

I was assigned a team to navigate my course of treatment, my long journey. The one person that was not assigned, but that I was glad I knew about, was a physical therapist. Thankfully, I am a therapist and have access to the best team of them at Nesin Therapy Services. Then I began to think about those who do not know the benefits that therapy can have post surgery. I knew that I should check my mobility in my shoulder prior to surgery to get a baseline of where I needed to return. I knew to take measurements along my arm to be sure I was not developing lymphedema. I knew that once the incision was healed and I had any pulling at my incision site (scar), that I could do gentle scar mobilization to alleviate pain. I knew what exercises to do and at what point to progress my shoulder mobility. I knew what to do with the pillows when I could not get comfortable at night...
PT After Breast Cancer Handout
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What Our Patients Are Saying
Not the "traditional" physical therapy you might think. The hour visits are one on one with the therapists, as they do soft tissue and mobility work, not watch you do exercises. The hands-on approach allows them to pinpoint the issues, and try to retrain the body to function properly. I have been to several PT companies in the area, and this is by far the best! I see results!

-Jean B.

"Absolutely the best physical therapists I've ever had. They listen, they don't have me come in and do the same exercises that I've been doing like so many other physical therapists do, instead they'll do dry needling or cupping or show me new exercises that target where I'm sore. They actually focus on the issues and are more hands on than anyone else I've ever worked with. I can't recommend them enough."

-Tori M.
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