August 2014Issue #2
In this month's edition...
Ombudsmen volunteers needed
What do demographics say about the future of our economy?
How caregivers like Danielle McCarthy are making a difference
Free business consulting available through Region 10
How Region 10 helps nonprofits and donors save money
Region 10 in the news
Region 10 is in need of compassionate individuals who would like to support our efforts to advocate for quality care for seniors. If you're interested in lending your services, please click here to learn more. There is a high need specifically in Gunnison County.



August 6, 1-2 pm
Region 10 hosts a support group for caregivers who support those living with dementia. 

August 6, 4:30-5:30 pm
This don't-miss workshop includes in-depth information about specialized trusts including pet trusts, how to protect your special needs child using trusts, asset protection trusts, how to protect your heirs using trusts and more.

August 12, 9:30-11:00 am
Aging and Disability Resource Centers provide  information on the full range of long-term support options and a single point of entry for access to public long term support programs and benefits.

August 13, 12-1 pm
Learn four effective steps to grow your business. Hosted by the Delta Area Chamber of Commerce.

August 19th, 12-1 pm
If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. AARP and Region 10 partner to present information on how to avoid identity theft and fraud.

August 20, 12-1 pm
Learn four effective steps to grow your business. 

August 21, 1-2 pm
Region 10 hosts a support group for caregivers who support those living with dementia. 

August 26, 1-2:30pm

Are you on social media but don't know how to use it for your business? Would you like to take your social media to the next level? Be sure to bring your laptop for this workshop.

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July proved to be a busy month for Region 10. Between caregiver gatherings, economic development summits, broadband planning, transit coordination, and business classes, we barely had time to come up for air. Things only continue to get more exciting within our region. Please take a moment to learn more, and see what lies ahead for August.

Region 10 recently hosted the Grow Our Economy workshop, which opened with a great presentation by Elizabeth Garner from the State Demography office. The information was so interesting and well received by the group, it only made sense that we shared it with a larger audience. Region 10's demographics provide some interesting insights into the future of our economy. 

Danielle McCarthy of Montrose has a busy life. This retired teacher somehow finds balance in providing full time in-home care for her veteran husband, providing for her four children, working as the Volunteer Coordinator for Welcome Home Montrose, blogging for "Vibrant Caregiving," and volunteering her time toward outreach in the broader caregiver community. Learn more about the great work Danielle has been doing with Region 10.

Need help writing that business plan? Or setting up a marketing campaign? Or maybe learning how to balance your books more efficiently? Region 10's Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offers free consultation services from highly qualified business representatives. Sign up for a free consultation session now!


Region 10's Enterprise Zone Contribution program has helped over 40 local nonprofit organizations generate additional funds, while providing donors with some significant tax credits. 

Photo courtesy KKCO 11 News
Region 10 hosted the Grow Our Economy summit on July 9, 2014. A diverse group of representatives -- including folks from local government, real estate, transportation, education, and several other fields -- were in attendance. The group learned about the unique economic conditions, assets, and resources available for economic development purposes. The event received a significant amount of news coverage
Thank you for your continued support in making our six
-county region one of the best places to live and work. Please help us keep it that way.
Michelle Haynes
Executive Director
Region 10