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Sentrol, Inc. June 2018 Newsletter

In this edition Product updates & Applications
*Magnetrol -
Level Measurement Solutions for Water Wash Tanks 
*LowFlow - 
          J-Series Valve Fermenter Sparges Ammonia Gas
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 Level Measurement Solutions for Water Wash Tanks 

Gas turbines are used throughout power generation plants to drive electrical generators. These compressors of these gas turbines ingest large amounts of air containing particulate matter, aerosols of hydrocarbons and other organic compounds. Larger particulate matter is filtered out while other compounds are deposited on the compressor blades. Compressor washing removes the remaining compounds and restores compressor efficiency.

The water wash is then collected in in a dedicated collection tank. The water stored in the tanks are monitored for level with typical capacities of 50 to 100 gallons. Level
Echotel 355 model

 instrumentation must be able to ensure the tanks stay at capacity.

Magnetrol offers level measurement solutions for water wash tanks:
- For point level: Top mount float-actuated switches
- For continuous level: Echotel Model 355 ultrasonic radar transmitter or Eclipse Model 706 wave radar transmitter
- For visual indication: Top mount Atlas magnetic level indicator

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J-Series Valve on Fermenter Sparges Ammonia

Not all valves in pharma and bio-pharma plants are for hygienic or sterile applications. Richard Industries recognizes this and creates a variety of their valves with this in mind. Shiva Kumar, the manager of process engineering at Edge solutions relayed the following story to Richard Industries.

A local Biotech Company in India producing enzymes, sparges ammonia gas into their fermenters to control the PH of the broth. The company had been using a competitor's stainless steel PRV but found they had to constantly repair or replace the valve every 6 months. Upon inspection during disassembly, the PRV's diaphragm was found corroded to the point that the ammonia gas  had leaked to the bonnet. Since the valve was damaged to this extent, it was unable to be repaired. The ammonia gas mixed with the moisture in the bonnet and corroded the internal components of the valve.
LowFlow J-Series Model JRH

Shiva recommended the customer try a LowFlow J-series valve with Jorlon diaphragm. The LowFlow model was perfectly suited for this non-sterile application near the ammonia source. The LowFlow JRH was installed over 6 months ago and it working well, has not leaked, and has no corrosion. 


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