April 2020
Life feels hard right now, but the darkness will not last – and beauty still remains.
3 Exercises That Reset Your Forward Neck Tilt

When you're working on a computer - especially if you're working on your computer at home, in a not-so-ergonomic setup - a number of postural woes tend to creep up. One of the most painful? Forward neck tilt, which leads to aches and tightness (and this is only exacerbated when we're stuck in a COVID-19 induced quarantine).

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Two Pilates-Inspired Leg Workouts

When you picture a challenging "leg day workout," you might imagine heavy weights and lots of squats. But you can strengthen the muscles in your legs and
glutes with minimal or no equipment at all.

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Hot Tip: When Doing Yoga, You Can Use Parts Of Your Body To Massage And Relieve Muscle Soreness

As everyone stays put at home during the COVID-19-induced sheltering in place, our bodies are getting more tight and achey than seemingly ever before. While foam rolling and percussive massage therapy are great remedies, you can also turn to your elbows and knees to massage things out, which is an easy technique that yogis swear by.

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