March 18, 2020
In the Midst of This 
We are all ONE.

We affirm this without thinking. Recent events and the very interesting conditions of our world environment have challenged us to walk the talk of all of our principles! And to discover the shadows in our consciousness; the fears and doubts of our humanity and ego mind; the power we have to choose our thoughts; and the healing power of love.  
There is only One Power and One Presence active in my life and in the Universe, God the good, omnipotence.   Notice the one power is not a virus. Or a stock market. Or even toilet paper.  The One Power is a divine energy we may have many names for and yet it is still one!   
There is that of the divine in each of us, uniting us as one, the Christ of our being. This says nothing about holding hands; or seeing where we live to see if we are divine.  It is the same divinity in China and Italy and Nigeria and Australia and Columbia and Pennsylvania.  There are no boundaries that separate us and no distance our connection cannot go beyond.  
Affirmative prayer works to change us as we change the world.  As fear creeps into our mind we deny false ideas power and move our attention to affirming the truth.  It is time for prayer and prayers that claim the good already available, rather than begging for something outside us to fill a hole within us.  
Our thoughts and attitudes are choices we make and our thoughts have the power to shape our experience.  Certainly it's human to move to fear when the world is experiencing traumatic conditions.  We are sad about losses.  We are upset when routines change without warning and we can find no certainty in our environment. And then what?  Once we take a breath and notice all these thoughts and feelings, what is our choice?  Are we able to move into that place of choosing a response rather than reacting to outer conditions?  Can we choose to be a peaceful presence in the chaos?  Can we choose love when fear is looming large?  Can we be generous when lack makes its appearance?  As we choose, we learn a new way of oneness that is deeper and more profound than what we have known before.   
Finally we live the truth we know.  My favorite saying right now is "Trust God and tie up your horse."  Washing your hands does not mean you don't have faith in divine life within you.  Staying home and out of groups is not a betrayal of believing in our oneness.  If our principles are PRACTICAL, then we don't have to choose between spirituality and science.  We embrace our divinity and look for guidance for our humanity.  Still, "seek first the kingdom of God".  Continue to put God first in our thoughts and then act in alignment.    
 God, the divine allness of the isness, is in the midst of us, these conditions and the path unfolding.  Be kind. Stay centered. Be well.     Reverend Joy  

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Join us every Sunday until we move through this time of transition!  Up this week will be Reverend Joy answering questions that have been submitted.  JUST FOR FUN: if you want to wear your pajamas to Facebook Live this Sunday, it is Pajama Sunday! 

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Wednesday Evening Vesper Service
Facebook Live, 7pm
As more of us spend more time at home and all of us could use a boost mid-week, Reverend Joy is adding a Wednesday evening Vesper on Facebook Live for the remainder of our time apart from the sanctuary.   
This service will be about a half an hour with metaphysical bible interpretation of a story, some meditation time and maybe some wisdom from Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. The bible story and interpretation will be posted on the ULV website blog after the service for those unable to access Facebook. The interpretation will also appear in the following Wednesday email.      

Sweet Memories

Who remembers "Give A Pig A Party"?
As our Sundays with Reverend Joy wind down she is leafing through some memories of Sundays between April 1, 2009 and today.  
"One of my favorite things to do is metaphysical interpretation!  Although traditionally we learn it applied to the Bible, I like to adventure out into other literature.  With my background in Youth and Family Ministry I often go to children's books.  The Grinch and the Polar Express were the source of Christmas series.  Dr. Suess books and the Tao of Pooh have given us some interesting Reader's Theater.  But one of my favorites was When You Give A Pig A Party! Setting up the party on the platform I got to drag out more stuffed animals and dolls than you would think a grown woman should have. One of the perks of youth and family ministry is the ability to keep your toys!"  
What are some of your favorite whimsical Sundays with Reverend Joy?  You can email her at 
How can I help?  
Many local businesses will be struggling to get through these conditions. Find ways to support local businesses: carry-out or delivery from restaurants; shopping online at local stores; buying gift cards online from local stores to use later;tip delivery people.
As we find new ways to remain in community check on neighbors; call friends and family--use Skype or Zoom or Facetime; engage social media to bring groups together you normally meet with and maintain the practices that bring meaning to your life; share resources you find for education and entertainment during this time apart.  

  Open to the Flow

During this time of not meeting in the sanctuary, ULV will continue to pay all employees for regularly scheduled work. Additionally, we continue to have routine costs to maintain our building.   Your tithes and gifts allow us to continue to minister and be the light in the Lehigh Valley.  

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Easter Flower Update

Our flower supplier at Hickory Grove Nursery is no longer doing wholesale, so we will not be selling Easter flowers this year. We will work to find another supplier for next year.  
Flowers for the platform this Easter will be donated by Reverend Joy in celebration of eleven years of ministry at Unity of Lehigh Valley.  

Healing Playlist
from emPower Music

From our music friends:

Dear Posi Family,
These are wacky times indeed. As humans, we crave contact with one another and the social distancing and "no contact" protocols that are keeping us apart and sometimes isolated affect us on a deep and subconscious level. But all you need to do is see the video of the Italian people in quarantine leaning out their windows singing together to know that music is one way that we can ease our stress, heal our bodies and connect us in heart and consciousness.
Karen Drucker came up with a great idea, we thought. So, empower Music & Arts, and the amazing musicians who are part of our community have created a special playlist of music for times like this. Think of it as your Posi Music Pandora station! You can listen for free and, links are provided so you may also purchase the songs if you'd like to add them to your own personal healing playlist.
Science tells us that music itself has the power to heal what ails us. And music with positive, empowering messages goes even farther to help soothe savage beasts of fear and stress that seem inescapable at this time.
Please share this playlist with your friends and on social media. We truly believe in the power of positive music to heal ourselves and the world. By joining our voices (but not our hands!) we can all make it through this challenging time together.

We join with Unity Worldwide Ministries and churches around the globe as we pray: We know that God is a Love that has no end and a Power that knows no bounds. God's healing power of Divine Life is restoring, healing, and revitalizing our world in this very moment. We let go of any fears or anxieties, and we affirm that all are safe, healthy, and protected. We bless all those who support us in maintaining vibrant radiant health. We express Divine Life in all we think, say, and do. We bless our global family with radiant health, peace of mind, and abundant love.

What Are You Grateful For?

Thank you to the 195 people who viewed our first live-stream video service on Sunday!  Especially grateful for those who were live and provided comments and interaction.  That was fun!

Thank you to the Members who took the time to respond and vote for our Minister Selection Committee members!  Thank you to Ginny Stanglein and Denise Summa, John Ptolomey and Renay Eutermoser, and Eva Burkhart and Jennifer Hertwig for your willingness to serve. 

Thank you to Karen, our office administrator, for the link to that service at the top of this email in the calendar section.  In addition to the video being on Facebook, we now have a YouTube channel you can subscribe to!

Thank you to Reverend Joy for gathering the skills quickly to offer a service to maintain our spiritual connection during these interesting conditions.  Check out the Vesper service she is adding on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.

If you have something you are grateful for or want to celebrate, please send a note to the office by Tuesday of each week at

Like most events, this show has been postponed.  We'll update you when information is available

April 9th: Maundy Thursday Service, 7pm
July 17th: IronPigs game, 7pm
September 20th: Annual Picnic 

MOST COMMUNITY EVENTS ARE EVOVLING!  Please check the event website or coordinators for the latest information.  

Most school districts are offering free breakfast and lunch for qualified students.  Pick up locations are listed in the Morning Call HERE

Concert at Godfrey Daniels featuring Michael "Not For Coltrane" Duck and others is EVOLVING.  April 3, 7 to 10pm  We'll update information as it is available.
for information on crowd funding for the event and access to a live webcast. 

Compassion Caravan: Healing Nurses Through Compassion and Self-Care
Philadelphia Retreat is May 15 and 16th

The Compassion Caravan
 is a national project led by holistic nurses for all of nursing to offer compassion through heart centered presence, holistic communication, networking and focused experiences in self-reflection and healing. As the caravan travels it will have three major events/workshops for nurses. There will also be small meet and greet opportunities for the public to sign The Declaration of Compassion.  For more information talk to Maggie Schlamb or see the website HERE.   

Just north of us, Kirkridge offers great opportunities for renewal and spiritual exploration.   Check out upcoming programs at their website by  CLICKING HERE

Bradbury-Sullivan Center Classes, Workshops and Support
  Go to their website by CLICKING HERE    The Center is located at 522 W Maple Street in downtown Allentown.  
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