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March 2018
Atkinson 2018: Carol Off
Cultivating relationships with sources

After the cameras are turned off and the notebooks are put away, journalists often drive away from their sources without thinking about the consequences that arise in the dust of their tires. But Carol Off, host of CBC Radio's As It Happens, says it's time journalists started thinking about what they leave behind.

In her delivery of the 2018 Atkinson Lecture on Feb. 14, Off told a room full of journalism students to acknowledge that their presence has an effect on their sources, and to consider the ramifications on those people's lives  ( full story ). 

Watch the recording of the event  here
Upcoming: RRJ Conference

How should reporters tackle stories involving sexual violence? And how should they engage with sources who have suffered sexual violence? Are there ways for journalists to protect themselves online?

Addressing these questions - and more - is the focus of the latest Ryerson Review of Journalism (RRJ) conference, #MEDIATOO: The #MeToo movement has hit Canada. What's next?

The student-led conference is a series of workshops on April 10 and 11, focusing on two related themes: sexual misconduct in the newsroom and best practices for reporting on sexual misconduct.  

The conference is an extension of RRJ reporter Annie Arnone's feature on the state of sexual violence in the media. Presenters include Robyn Doolittle from the Globe and Mail, Lauren Strapagiel from Buzzfeed and Marie-Daniel Smith from National Post  ( full story ). 
March Break at Ryerson 
Explore the possibilities RSJ has to offer

Take advantage of March Break to visit Ryerson's distinctly urban campus for the opportunity to tour our campus and facilities, chat with future professors, current students, student services, and more! 

See for yourself what makes Ryerson Canada's leading university for innovation and career relevant learning. Join us on March 12 to see what our program has to offer  ( full story ). 
National NewsMedia Council 
Ryersonian and RRJ join news media ethics body

Two of Ryerson's student-operated publications join the ranks of Canada's new English-language media accountability body, the National NewsMedia Council (NNC).

Janice Neil, chair of the Ryerson School of Journalism said the  Ryersonian  and the  Ryerson Review of Journalism  became members of the council to exhibit their accountability to the public.

"It's demonstrating to readers and to the public that we take our role seriously, that we recognize that we are doing this work in the public's interest," she said  ( full story ). 
Spotlight on the Schulich Award
$20k prize allows students to focus on journalism

Noella Ovid is grateful to be one of the recipients of the 2017 Seymour Schulich Undergraduate Award in Financial Journalism.

After receiving the award Ovid was able to pay off her student debt and focus her time and energy on her final semester of the undergraduate journalism program, which culminates in a six-week internship at The Globe and Mail.

"I was able to quit my job at Hallmark before I start at the Globe and really focus on what I want to do in life," she said. "I'm just so thankful."

Ovid applied for the award while she was in her third year of the journalism program by writing a letter to the school's selection committee that outlined her interest in financial and business journalism. She also submitted three samples of work, including two published pieces and an article she wrote in a business journalism class  ( full story ). 
A student's reflection on the need for diverse voices in journalism

White, white, white, white, white. I closed my eyes, shook my head and checked again. White, white, white, beige, tan, almond. My heels clicked against the floor as I walked up and down the aisle, my hope decreasing with every step, my frustration rising with every click. White, white, beige, tan, almond, caramel. Time to give up. Again.

Click, clack, click, clack, click. The noise from my heels continued to echo as I made my way towards the exit. For the third time that day, I left a store empty-handed.

"Did you find everything okay?" asked the store attendant before I reach the door.

"Yes," I lied, not slowing down. "I was just browsing, thank you," I said, knowing I would never again visit the store's makeup section  ( full story ). 
Student Work 

When journalism professor Jonathan Crowe asked his student Tyler Mugford to share his experiences about the residential school system, the conversation that followed in the St. John's, N.L. classroom lasted the better part of three hours. It was Sept. 29, 2017 and it was Orange Shirt Day, an annual event in Canada when people wear orange to recognize the harm done by residential schools.

Up until this point, Mugford did not say much in class, Crowe said, but his actions and the few words he spoke left Crowe with the impression that Mugford was articulate and a deep thinker  (full story).   
RRJ's Pull Quotes podcast discusses being a female reporter on Parliament Hill   

A conversation with Marie-Danielle Smith. Plus, murders in the gay village and the legacy of the bathhouse raids ( full podcast ).

Starting this summer, Ryerson  will begin closing all Tim Hortons locations on campus, the university announced Thursday.

The restaurant chain asked the university to spend between $250,000 to $300,000 per location to renovate the existing five Tim Hortons locations on campus.

"We get that [they're] looking at their brand integrity, but what about us?" executive director of Ryerson University business services, Voula Cocolakis said  (full story). 
Feature: Get your head in the game

The chill in the October air was apparent. A white cloud of breath escaped from Rams goaltender Ally Sarna's  mouth as she skated back to her net with her helmet and game face on. This was her first game back after recovering from her second shoulder surgery. Returning to the ice just before Halloween in 2016, Sarna had her head in the game.

It wasn't long before a shot from the slot rang off Sarna's helmet. "If you ask any goalie how it feels to get hit in the head, it never feels good but, more often than not, you end up being fine," said Sarna  ( full story ).

Ryersonian TV: This Week can be seen live on Facebook, Fridays at 12 p.m. This newscast is produced by final year students at the Ryerson School of Journalism. 

Watch here
ICYMI: Inside the RSJ
News you may have missed this month

Kamal Al-Solaylee chairs the five-member jury for this year's  Scotiabank Giller Prize. 

The jury of international writers, includes fellow Canadians, Heather O'Neill and Maxine Bailey, as well as, American author, John Freeman and Philip Hensher from the U.K.

April Lindgren will serve as the Velma Rogers Research Chair in News Media and Technology, a title dedicated to the promotion of scholarly exploration into the relationship between information and communications technology and the practice of journalism. 

Rana Latif will be responsible for the planning and implementation of new curricular programs and co-curricular partnerships within FCAD.

Asmaa Malik is working on the advisory board for the South African Journalism and Media Lab (JAMLAB), an accelerator that encourages journalism entrepreneurs to solve problems that challenge the country's media.

Gavin Adamson is working with a team of researchers that will share recommendations for better reporting on mental health issues, with Latin American counterparts in Mexico and Chile.

Find more information on these projects here
Grads at Work
Matthew Braga
(RSJ '12)

Senior Technology Reporter

How has having a niche beat helped you build your career? 

I always wanted to go more narrow, more niche. I always admired reporters who were able to build beats around subsets of technology. So you know the New York Times has reporters who just focus on Uber and Facebook, or reporters who just write about cryptocurrency. People know you as someone who's been able to tell certain types of stories in certain types of ways. I always saw that as a way to help me stand out  ( full story ). 

Grads at Work is an occasional series of profiles of RSJ alums. If you know of a notable grad you'd like to see featured, send us an email at office.journalism@ryerson.ca.
RSJ Voices
Video: Grads reflect on j-school experience 

Cole Deakin (RSJ '16) 
News Anchor - News 1130 (Vancouver)

"One of the biggest things is the connections that you make and the people that you meet." Watch here.

Watch all RSJ Voices interviews  here.
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