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April  2015 
Atkinson Lecture
Sue Dewar:  a career of drawing truth to power

Editorial cartoonist Sue Dewar said she received thousands of death threats after she drew a picture of a beaver biting former Bloc Qu?b?cois leader Lucien Bouchard's prosthetic leg after the Yes victory in the 1995 Quebec referendum.


Death threats are quite common for many editorial cartoonists, Dewar said.


The national editorial cartoonist for Sun Media spoke at the Ryerson School of Journalism's annual Atkinson Lecture about the role of editorial cartoons and her experiences as a rare woman in the field (full story).

RRJ Spring 2015 Issue
From pitching to publishing

Starting early is often a good way to complete an assignment by deadline, and when it came to completing the 2015 issue of the Ryerson Review of Journalism (RRJ) j-schoolers started working in the summer of 2014.

Last August, instructors Tim Falconer and Bill Reynolds told students enrolled in JRN 910 to have pitches for the magazine ready by the start of the Fall 2014 semester.

 Following the magazine's mandate, the stories had to be about Canadian media. Students had to deliver insightful pitches that covered unique angles on Canadian journalism (full story). 


RRJ celebrates Spring issue

The corruption scandal in Montreal, issues with crowdfunded environmental journalism and CBC Host Evan Solomon's political show are some of the topics discussed in this year's edition of the Ryerson Review of Journalism (RRJ), which held its annual launch party March 24.


Over drinks and light appetizers at Bier Markt near Church Street and The Esplanade, a group of about 80 Ryerson students, staff members and guests gathered to toast the new Spring 2015 issue (full story). 


Canada Prize Finalist
RSJ professor Gene Allen is a finalist for the 2015 Canada Prize in the Humanities

Ryerson journalism professor Gene Allen is a finalist for the 2015 Canada Prize in the Humanities for his scholarly book on the Canadian Press news agency.


The book, Making National News: A History of Canadian Press, explores the history of the Canadian Press (CP), including its role during World War II, relationship with the Associated Press and Reuters, and clashes with a number of Canadian newspaper publishers. It is the first scholarly history of CP (full story).


Women in Sports Media
Women rising to the top of sports journalism

When former Ottawa Sun sports editor Jane O'Hara started covering sports in the early '70s she was one of three women covering the beat for a major newspaper. Now the heads of the sports department of three major news agencies, the Globe, the Star and Canadian Press are women. And there are a plethora of female sports reporters across the country.

The Women in Sports (WINS) panel discussion, "From the Blocks to the Finish Line," brought TSN reporter Sherri Forde, Sportsnet Fan590 reporter Megan Robinson and O'Hara to Ryerson on March to talk about their experience in sports journalism and the progress women have taken in the field (full story).


A Visit to Queen's Park
Reflections of a young political junkie

Even on a relatively quiet day, the goings on in Ontario's legislative chamber remind me of what the Colosseum must have been like. While the public watches from the stands, political parties armed with words and wit rather than fists and swords fight gladiatorial battles in a bid to survive.


As it turned out, Feb. 24, 2015 was anything but quiet.

I was at Queen's Park with classmates from my political reporting class (Journalism in the Political Arena - JRN509) and we knew we were in for a show before we sat down in the legislative chamber's press gallery section to watch question period (full story).

Snowden on Mass Surveillance
Teleconference tackles mass surveillance issues

The Ryerson School of Journalism and Canadian Journalists for Free Expression hosted a teleconference with Snowden from an undetermined location in Russia. The event was moderated by Anna Maria Tremonti, the host of CBC Radio's The Current, on March 4.


In a room packed with journalists, Snowden explained why he leaked National Security Agency documents to the press and what he thought their role should be in the discussion about mass surveillance (full story).


Freelance: Personal branding in the digital age 

How much should your personal brand align with your news outlet? Does any journalist truly have tweets that do not reflect their employer? How do you maintain a distinct voice when working for different outlets? 


Featuring the Toronto Star's Edward Keenan, Digital Journal's David Silverberg and The Globe and Mail's Marina Strauss. Thursday, April 9 at 7pm, The Venn (RCC 103). Register here


Grads at Work
Graeme Harris
(RSJ '85)
Vice-President of CEO Communications and Media Relations at Manulife Financial

Did journalism at Ryerson prepare you for corporate writing?


Yes, absolutely. One thing I tell people all the time is that whether you doing it as a journalist or whether you are doing it as a corporate communications person, you're telling stories. The only thing different is how you are telling the story and who the audience is, but ultimately what Ryerson prepared me for was to be able to tell stories and tell them to different audiences. (full story). 

  Grads at Work is an occasional series of profiles of RSJ alums. If you know of a notable grad you'd like to see featured, send us an email at  office.journalism@ryerson.ca.

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