Impact Test: Do Our LCDs Crack Under Pressure?
Happy 2021! We’re kicking off the New Year with a ball drop of our own.

See how our LCDs hold up against various impacts in the ball drop impact experiment. You'll also learn about perimeter bonding, optical bonding, and our cover glass customization capabilities in this exciting video.

Engineering Insights
Get the Toughest Cover Glass for Any Job
Cover Glass

Thicker cover glass helps your display withstand greater impacts and high frequency use over time.

All of our standard capacitive touchscreen TFTs come with 0.7mm cover glass and can be upgraded with thicker cover glass for increased durability.

We also offer chemically strengthened cover glass with thicknesses ranging from 0.55mm to 8.0mm.

Bonding Processes

Bonding refers to the method used to adhere cover glass to a display. The method used can affect the durability of the cover glass and protection against external elements.

By default our cover glass is attached with perimeter bonding. We also offer optical bonding, which creates a stronger bond to increase durability and forms a seal to protect against moisture, dust, and debris.

Additional cover glass capabilities

  • Cover glass can be cut to different shapes including round, square, and rectangular

  • We can apply multicolor silkscreen treatments for custom logos, labels, and graphics

All of these services are available upon request. Contact us to learn more!
Product Highlight
New: TFT LCD with Optical Bonding
Our first product to include optical bonding as a standard feature, our 4.3" EZ Grip TFTs offer a sleek design and responsive touch screen technology.

Optical bonding provides improved durability and extra protection against moisture, dust, and debris.
EZ Grip Display in Use
This TFT is used in a new application for boat and yacht security, surveillance, and GPS tracking.

The application allows users to monitor vital information on their boat and wirelessly communicate with the tool via their mobile device.

The display is seamlessly integrated into the boat or yacht with a sleek, modern design.
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Engineering Insights
Product Highlights
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