A message from the team...
This is an email from Insero relaying some information about our AgOtter product to our partners and friends in the Ag community. We plan to send out some periodic informational updates in order to keep you in the loop. As always, we are excited to get feedback about our products or company, so please feel free to email us with any questions, concerns or just general comments or use our new hotline number – 559-206-0733.

Sincerely- Greg Guyette, Insero
Inspect from Anywhere...
The AgOtter allows you to see, monitor and record all the sprayer’s essential information. See your speed, acres, gallons and rate (for left boom, right boom and total output of the sprayer)
What sets us apart:
The Ability To Control Your Spray:
Agotter will actively calibrate your sprayer on the fly, within the limits of the equipment, to ensure that the application is properly applied according to the recommendation, to maintain the correct coverage. This may also help you with your calibration method for your food safety report.
Our GPS technology:
AgOtter is the only controller that can maintain a true GIS map under the canopy. Thanks to proprietary methods, we can create true tracking of your equipment and what happened at any given point your application.
Our Record Keeping:
Maintain and inspect your records with our AgHippo, AgHippo Live, or with one of our Partners software solutions. This helps with Food safety reports, applicator evaluation, PURS, or just knowing that the job was done correctly for peace of mind.
Video of the Month
Check out some drone footage taken at a recent Blueberry farm tour in Georgia.

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"Sprayer first, technology second..."
That's the focus of our AgOtter team and exactly what Insero owner Greg Guyette had in mind when he brought Bill Taylor onto the team. “Bill is a sprayer guy not necessarily a technology guy,” says Greg Guyette, founder of Insero, designers of AgOtter. “The technology is the easy part. But making sure the sprayer is working right when it is using our technology is what has proven to be the challenge. With Bill on our team, we know our customers can launch with AgOtter on a sprayer that’s hitting on all cylinders.”

Meet our newest member
Insero is proud to announce the addition of Steve Hoffman to the AgOtter sales and support team. 

AgOtter was designed for California agriculture. And as Insero advances its AgOtter product, they are putting the best local service and support boots on the ground in California. Insero is employing the best in the business – those with extensive experience and a proven track record for success in California agriculture. Steve Hoffman is one of those people.

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