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Gosnell's 10th Anniversary

HSM advocates in D.C.

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Gosnell Memorial Hospice House
10th Anniversary

2017 marks the 10 year anniversary of Gosnell Memorial Hospice House. It's hard to imagine southern Maine without Gosnell. Over the last decade, the  House has become home to more than 6,000 patients and their families. 

This milestone would not be possible were it not for our generous and committed community. As CEO Daryl Cady remarked, "Ten years ago leaders in our community understood how important it was to have a comfortable place for those needing continuous acute care at end of life. Through the support of many, our community opened its heart for this need." Today, we thank all those who have opened their hearts over the past 10 years, and ask you to join them in ensuring that the Gosnell Memorial Hospice House will continue to provide compassionate end-of-life care for decades to come. Make a contribution today.
HSM advocates in
Washington, D.C.
The Hospice Action Network (HAN), a National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) affiliate and national hospice advocacy organization, is dedicated to preserving and expanding access to hospice care in America. Their mission is to advocate, with one voice, for policies that ensure the best care for patients and families facing the end of life. 
During a recent trip to Washington, D.C., HSM and HAN worked together to ensure compassionate, high quality care for all Americans facing life-limiting illnesses. Pictured above L-R, Julie Gilbert, RN Case Manager, and Daryl Cady, CEO, met with our Maine delegation to discuss the many important legislative issues facing hospice and palliative patients, including:

  • Patient Choice and Quality Care Act of 2017 (S. 1334/H.R. 2797)
  • Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act (S. 693/H.R. 1676)
  • Medicare Patient Access to Hospice Act (H.R. 1284)
  • Rural Access to Hospice Act (S. 980/H.R. 1828)

After discussing this important legislation, Julie shared a heartfelt story about one of her patients.

CEO Cady said, "Because hospice policies will impact patients and families for years to come, it is vitally important that the hospice community, from bedside caregivers to the CEO, go to Capitol Hill to share our hospice stories. We appreciated the opportunity to meet with our members of Congress to provide this information."
Volunteer of the Year: An Interview with Cathy Hendrix
Each year since 2011, one volunteer has been awarded the Agnes Flaherty Distinguished Service Award for their long-term, exceptional work with Hospice of Southern Maine. This year, that award went to Cathy Hendrix.
Cathy is a remarkable and busy woman. She is a retired mother of four and grandmother of 10 with a degree in special education.
Pictured L-R: Volunteer Manager Kellie Patti, Cathy Hendrix,
and Volunteer Coordinator Stefanie Fairchild
She has worked as a teacher, as a trainer for a local insurance company, and as a manager for many different healthcare-related offices and call centers. She currently volunteers as an usher at Merrill Auditorium and (lucky for us!) has been an HSM direct care volunteer since 2002. Cathy works regular shifts in both the home program and at Gosnell Memorial Hospice House, helps out with events and office work when needed, and is often called last minute to sit vigil with patients.
Thankfully, Cathy found time in her busy schedule to sit down with us and share a little bit about her experience as a volunteer with HSM.

What kinds of tasks do you perform as a hospice volunteer?
At the Gosnell House I help wherever needed. I have ‘helping hands’ training so I am able to assist the CNAs with direct patient care. I make meals for patients, talk with and support families by listening. I give tours of the facility to new patient families. I sit vigil with patients that do not have loved ones with them… In the home program I provide respite care for the patients to allow family members to take a break, run errands, etc. It is also an opportunity to talk with patients and listen to what is on their minds… I am there for the patient and their family.
How does the trained hospice volunteer complement the rest of the interdisciplinary team- the medical professionals, chaplains, and social workers? Volunteers are another set of eyes and ears who can add to the assessment of a patient. Sometimes families and patients are more apt to share info with volunteers as we have more time and have a more casual relationship with them. Trained volunteers at Gosnell are another set of hands for patient care.
Which skills are needed to be a hospice volunteer?
Listening is critical. Flexibility and willingness to do what the patient/family want/need is critical rather than what you think they may need. Remaining non-judgmental is important as well, as each patient and family situation is unique.
What impact has the experience of hospice volunteering had on you?
I feel selfish volunteering as I get more than I give… I am so much more aware of the “Circle of Life”. I am in awe at the end of life when patients are truly themselves… open and honest. I am more aware than ever of what sacrifices caregivers have made, many for several years! I feel blessed with each hospice visit. For patients, families, staff to trust me with whatever they share with me is a gift… I am blessed.
Cathy, we are blessed to have your loving, generous spirit at Hospice of Southern Maine. Thank you, and thank you to all our volunteers who give their love and their light to our patients and families. Hospice of Southern Maine could not fulfill our mission of compassion, care and comfort without you.
Why is the hospice volunteer an essential part of the team?
Pictured above: Volunteers with Gratitude Roses at the 2017 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

We say it all the time at HSM: hospice is a very special kind of healthcare. Well, one of the things that makes hospice care so unique is the hospice team, an interdisciplinary group of medical professionals, chaplains, social workers, and volunteers, who together address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those they serve.
You may be surprised to learn that volunteers are official, legally mandated members of the hospice team. Medicare-certified hospice programs are required by law to make up at least 5% of their total patient care hours with volunteer hours. This is because volunteers have an essential role to play in end-of-life caregiving.

Hospice volunteers are not medical professionals; they are ordinary community members who donate their time, talents, and heart to help fellow community members in-need. Volunteers offer companionship and general assistance, often running errands or helping with household tasks in addition to sitting with patients. 

There are currently 147 HSM volunteers who in 2016 donated over 10,000 hours of their time. Every HSM volunteer is required to go through 30 hours of training, make a minimum commitment of 3 hours per week, and fulfill annual requirements to keep their training up-to-date. Interested in learning more? Click here !
Twilight in the Park 2017
Hospice of Southern Maine invites you to Twilight in the Park , an annual gathering of remembrance in Deering Oaks Park, Portland on Saturday September 23 at 6:30 PM. Imagine thousands of luminarias glowing warmly at dusk, each light displaying the name of someone who has brought love and light into our lives. Anyone grieving the loss of a loved one is encouraged to attend, whether the death was recent or many years ago, and whether the loved one died in hospice care or not.

Luminarias may be ordered online , or by mail for $10 each. Proceeds help to support patient and family care.
On May 11, HSM held its 7th annual Thresholds Conference with keynote presenter, Joan Lunden. This year's topic was "Prepare to Care: Completing an Advance Directive". To see photos from the event, visit our Facebook page. For information on our free community forums, in which experts walk participants through the key decisions needed to complete the Maine Health Care Advance Directive form, visit our website .
On June 4, loved ones gathered at Gosnell Memorial Hospice House for HSM's annual brick dedication ceremony, Trail of Memories . It was a beautiful day to remember and honor those we have lost. To see more photos from the event, visit our Facebook page. To purchase a brick for Trail of Memories 2018, visit our website.  Bricks may be purchased throughout the year.
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