Bringing Computer Access  to Literacy Learners

Thanks to the generous support of the Madison Community Foundation, a fully-furnished computer lab is now in use for Literacy Network classes. Community Literacy tutoring and the SCALE adult basic education program will now get to use the lab during weekly classes. Level 3 ESL classes are also held in the computer lab which gives the teacher the option to use computers for this higher-level group of English language learners!

The computer lab was the last interior space in Literacy Network's new building that needed supplies. Knowing that classes can now offer up-to-date computers and tables that fit tutors and students, learners will be able to accomplish even more in one class session!

To learn more about our Capital Campaign and our goal to reach more students with this space, head over to

Matching Gifts Are Still Available

We are so grateful for the support of our volunteers, donors, and the community. 2017 has been a year to remember. We have filled classes every semester, opened an additional Level 2 ESL class, and started a GED program to better serve adults preparing for the GED test.  Beyond everything, we had students continue their progress and improve their literacy.  

On November 9, Betty Harris Custer announced a matching gift opportunity.  There are still matching dollars available!

We are grateful to all of the donors who are part of the matching gift challenge:
Fernando and Carla Alvarado
Diane Ballweg
US Bank
Lau and Bea Christensen
Caritas Foundation
Carol Cohen
Derrell Connor
Nicole Cuellar
Betty and Corkey Custer
Dollar General Foundation
Madison Gas & Electric Foundation
Fred Gants
Tim and Jana Heinrich

Wendy Horton
Donna Hurd
Brad Hutter
Pete Lundberg
John McKenzie
Dipesh Nivsaria
Sum mer Rector
Barb and John Rockenbach
Carole Schaeffer
Diana and Argon Tatili
Tom Terry
Angela Thomas
Raluca Vais-Ottosen

Wrapping Up the Year
Another semester, and year, is wrapping up at Literacy Network. We asked a few LitNet teachers to share their thoughts on how the semester has gone.

Gregg works with a student during class
"The Level 3 class I teach has been trying some new ideas from the Poetry Foundation,, and The Academy of American Poets, and I'm working on a collaborative class booklet with Catherine Viera, a professor of Second Language Acquisition at the UW, where we are hoping to use social media to practice different kinds of writing about students' wor k experiences. An exciting session!"

Sara celebrating a certificate of achievement with learner Maria

"I love creating student-centered lessons with active learning and engaging content  that empowers students by preparing them well for using English outside the classroom. I feel so thankful watching and being a part of my students progress in class as they build skills that make a difference in their lives on a daily basis."

Learners participate in a class scavenger hunt

"It's been a joy to teach members of North Central Group's team!  In October we used the language we practiced in class in a scavenger hunt in the Courtyard Hotel. The team members had to ask for directions to the ice machine, find where the pool hours are listed, and introduce themselves to the front desk manager!"

Lyjya (r) spoke at our fundraiser last Fall. This year, she was a guest with her former tutor, Natalie (c).
After Literacy Network: Catching Up with Lyjya

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Lyjya Miles, a former Literacy Network student who worked with Natalie, a volunteer tutor, to prepare for the tests to get into the Madison Police Department academy. Since she finished tutoring, we're happy to share Lyjya graduated from the academy and is now a proud Madison Police Officer. When looking back on her tutoring with Natalie, also an officer with the MPD, Lyjya notes how good a fit they were as a tutoring pair. "She gave me the right skills . . . She understands how I learn," Lyjya shares.
On the force since June, Lyjya has jumped right in to her new role in the community. She tells the community members she works with "We're here to serve you and help you out." At Literacy Network, we're proud to have been a part of Lyjya's success. Thank you, Lyjya, for playing this vital role in our community.
Your support of adult literacy education drives
success for so many.  A gift of any size goes a long way
toward supporting  the  thousands of adults who need services.
Thank you for your continued commitment.