Preparing for PSI
We're making North Carolina a world leader in plant sciences. Take a peek at the designs for our new Plant Sciences building coming in 2021.

Just-in-Time Tomatoes?

Our scientists are exploring the molecular-level processes that cause tomatoes to ripen, and what they find could have big implications for a range of traits -- from flavor to firmness -- in fruit-bearing crops.

Breeding Success

Charles and Marilyn Stuber create new distinguished professorship in plant breeding to make a top college program even better.

Talking the (Plant) Talk

One day soon, tiny electronic sensors will translate the language of plants and send waves of data to growers, giving a heads-up at their crops' first talk of trouble. Thanks to the North Carolina Plant Sciences Initiative, our cross-college partnership is leading the way.   

NC State - Oracle Pilot 'Big Data' Project to Grow Agriculture

Oracle has selected NC State as a university partner to pilot a new program that uses big data to solve grand challenges in everything from agriculture to textiles to engineering. First on the list? Sweet potatoes.  

Stakeholders, University Celebrate NC Plant Sciences Partnership
Agricultural leaders planted their stakes in the
ground on NC State's Centennial Campus, as
they marked the commitments they've made to
the Plant Sciences Initiative.