NC 4-H Horse Program Newsletter

Volume 6, Issue 6 September 2020
Scholarship Winners
Southeast/Northeast District Bill Murray Scholarship
Lydia Boerner

My name is Lydia Boerner and I am from the Tuff Riders 4-H Club in Halifax County. I was also able to receive the Billy S. Murray 4-H Horse Program Scholarship. I was so excited to get the news that I had received a scholarship, especially one revolving around 4-H and horses, since they both have had a huge impact on my life. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to receive this award because it is going to help me greatly in my future to go to Edgecombe Community College and become a dental hygienist, like I have wanted to be since I was a little kid. 
Emily Worth

It means so much to me that I received this scholarship. The Southeast District 4-H horse program is where I got my start in 4-H, outside of going to club meetings. It holds a lot of important firsts for me. The district show was the first major 4-H event that I went to. It is what pushed me to pursue the chance of riding at the state show, my first big goal in 4-H. I volunteered at my first horse show with this district. I am so thankful for all of the opportunities our district has given me over the years, as a rider and as a 4-Her. I have enjoyed horse bowl, horse shows, clinics, and so much more. I am honored to represent our district as a recipient of the Billy S. Murray scholarship. I will be attending Johnston Community College, pursuing a Nursing degree.
Leader Information
Volunteer Training Information

We are excited to share about some upcoming 4-H volunteer training. All training is offered to all registered NC 4-H volunteers. These are offered free of charge and will be delivered over Zoom. We hope you will join us!

To access more information, click here!
Digestive System Educational Tutorial

This educational video, created by Purina Mills, demonstrates how a horse breaks down food and the process of digestion.

This is a great learning tool for youth to learn about the digestive system! The video can be accessed here.
Other Information
State Fair Horse Show

The State Fair Horse Show is including special classes for aging out 4-Hers. Please check the schedule for October 24 and 25, Classes 50, 73, 85, 99, 119 and 131 are designated for 4-Hers aging out of the program.

Further information can be found here.
Quarter Horse Show with 4-H Classes

This show is offering classes for 4-H youth, and you do not have to show a registered Quarter Horse in those particular classes. There is also a youth team challenge and stall decorating contest with $250 going to the winner of each!

Further information is located here.
Country Superstars Virtual Fair

With so many local fairs being cancelled this year we thought it would be good to feature the projects local FFA and 4-H members have been working so hard on all year! Submissions can be entered for: Beef and Dairy Cattle, Rabbits, Goats, Lambs and Sheep, Swine, Floriculture, Photography, ect…

Further information can be found here.
Eastern National 4-H Round Up
Horse Academy

The National 4-H Round Up is offering special opportunities to youth ages 13 and up, coaches, volunteers, and Extension staff. The goal is to promote growth and success, while gaining knowledge. There will be sessions on Horse Judging, Communication Contests, Hippology and Horse Bowl. For further information and to register, click here.

Registration is required by October 12th.
2019 Judging Contest DVD

Are you looking for new content of judging classes? This DVD has a wide variety of classes that were put together from the 2019 Southern Regionals Judging competition. This is a great tool if you're looking for something new to help improve your judging skills!

If you're interested in purchasing a copy, click here!
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