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Steve Briggs provides an update on the new cross-college interdisciplinary incentive program, the timeline for the building, naming opportunities and a status update on building funding.   

A common perennial grass may hold uncommon
promise for research, agriculture and industry - and it may even fuel the future. A team of NC State scientists are exploring the potential of miscanthus.

An international team identifies the regulators that spur plants to grow larger and more complex once they've germinated. The research, published in the journal Nature, has important implications for agriculture.

Eminent scientist Charles Stuber is stepping down after 13 years as director of the consortium he helped to create at NC State.

NSF CAREER award winner Anna Stepanova is creating molecular tools to turn certain plant genes on and off at will. She also plans to create a new biotechnology class and start an outreach effort for high school students and their science teachers.