Information Technology/Institutional Research
· The data conversion of student, course section and transfer equivalency records took place July 3-5 was a resounding success! More than 5 million records were updated in preparation for the semester calendar. Testing and validation of the data took place July 5-7, and additional staff were given access to Colleague July 8 to further review and validate the data and to update rules and parameters as needed for the conversion.
· Post-conversion, Colleague processes are functioning appropriately, and no major issues have been found. Registration & Records staff discovered some issues with a few institution-level transfer equivalency records. Those records have been identified and are being reviewed. This did not affect any student-level equivalency credit conversion.
· Work on the 2019-20 degree audit is nearly complete. Work also is progressing on the updates to degree audits and overall and minimum and maximum credits for the previous three academic years.
· Transfer equivalencies were converted as part of the conversion process, both at the student and the external institution level. Converted data was reviewed and validated.
· The new transcript format/subroutine has been loaded in Production as part of the conversion of data.

· Plans to celebrate the conversion on Aug. 26 are being finalized. Each campus location has a variety of activities scheduled that day. A live two-hour radio remote also will take place on each campus to help publicize the day to the general public.