June 26, 2018
Quarters-to-Semesters (Q2S) Update
We're officially 14 months from the start of a semester calendar at Southeast Community College. Much work has been accomplished in preparation for the event. Click on the Q2S icon above or the link below and access more information about the conversion. Check back often for progress updates, and don't forget to use the Submit Questions link on that page if you can't find answers within the content on the site.
No credit classes to be offered
between end of Spring Quarter and start of Fall Semester 2019
This is a reminder that no credit classes will be held between the last day of the 2019 Spring Quarter (June 11) and the first day of the 2019 Fall Semester (Aug. 26). Calendars on the website have been updated.
Progress Reports
Information Technology/Institutional Research
·M ost of the consulting with Ellucian has been completed. The team has a list of items that need to be completed in June/July 2019 to reflect the calendar changes.
· The team has also made a decision and has tested the credit hour conversion process. Additional validation of the converted data is necessary, but this first step in understanding how this will be done in Colleague is HUGE!
· It also appears the more than 33,000 Transfer Equivalencies can be changed with a batch process rather than touching each record. More work needs to be done in testing this batch update process, but realizing this will not need to be done manually is a reason to celebrate.
·The majority of the work to be completed will happen within a very short time period, occurring between January and July 2019. Batch processes in a Development/Test Colleague environment are being tested to determine the amount of time needed and to identify any potential issues that need to be addressed.

·Information about the conversion continues to be shared with a number of audiences, including four-year institutions and new students enrolled at SCC. A campaign to notify the general public is scheduled to begin in August using a variety of methods, including paid advertising.

·P rograms have submitted requested material, which is being compiled, organized and reviewed for completeness prior to final approval. The extensive advising plans provide many student scenarios depending on academic progress. The advising plans within divisions are consistent to provide students with guidance. Once these plans are finalized they will be posted on the Q2S website.
· As final approvals for the calendar conversion are documented, the instructional area will begin to reach out to individual programs that have indicated a change in proposed student intakes beginning fall semester 2019 as to the potential impact on equipment and facilities moving forward. 

Student Affairs
· Financial Aid consulting with Ellucian has successfully concluded. Consulting with Registration and Records is still ongoing.
· Winter 2019 course schedules are being built, and Spring 2018 courses will soon be scheduled. Work will then turn toward building the first fall semester of classes. A review of how the College can use existing course utilization information in the semester system also will start.
·The Athletic Department has been meeting to determine how changes to semesters will impact deadlines for the transition year and Fall 2019. Letters of Intent can be signed for 2019-2020 year starting Nov. 1, 2018. Deadlines for letters of intent will be determined later this summer so that campus store, housing, financial aid, and the business office can plan accordingly.
My Perspective
Each month we'll feature SCC students, faculty, staff, alumni, employers, and members of the general public to get their thoughts about the conversion. This month's perspective is by Glen G. Hochstein, Service Operations Manager for Plains Equipment Group.

"Southeast Community College has a long tradition of providing great technical training and continues to be our No. 1 employee provider. Whether the students are instructed on a quarterly or semester basis will not affect this. The same material is being covered by the same great instructors."
What time works for you?
The Semester Conversion Steering Team wants you to have every opportunity to get your questions about the conversion answered. That is why we're asking you for suggestions on what days and times would work best for our planned virtual Q&A sessions. Please use the Submit Questions form on the Q2S site to give us your feedback. A schedule of virtual Q&A sessions will be posted in the July 26 email. Thanks!
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