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A new online course is now available, and it only costs 10$!
Do you have any physical discomforts that have been bothering you for some time? Do you have a recurring physical problem? Are you wondering what your body is trying to tell you? This mini-workshop invites you to discover the Listen To Your Body method to manage any physical problem in a simple and effective way by learning to discover what is hidden being each problem. You’ll be surprised by its effectiveness! 
Be in harmony Workshop in Montreal

Do you know how to identify your needs? Do you want to discover what is preventing you from being who you want to be?
Than join us for day 1 and learn to be in harmony with yourself.
Do you want to transform your difficult relationships or learn how to stop feeling guilty? Continue on with day 2 it will teach you how to be in harmony with others.

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Be in harmony with yourself
April 4, 2020
Be in harmony with others
April 5, 2020

Meet the teacher
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“The concrete tools at our disposal in the BE IN HARMONY workshop are precious, because they help me stay centered, to accept myself as I am and to accept other as they are. I really appreciated the spiritual dimension in this workshop. It helped me a lot and helps me on a daily basis to keep faith in life, to believe in myself and in my deep beliefs beyond the unconscious conditioning that I received. Thank you for the increasing awareness.
I feel much lighter.”

“A big THANK YOU for the weekend. My perception of life is different today. I have more kindness towards other people ; everyone has their own experience. Thanks for the awareness. I now dare to express my needs, respect my space and to say no if that’s what I want.
And I'm smiling! It's magical!”

“I took the BE IN HARMONY workshop this weekend. I had already read all of Lise’s books so I didn’t see the point in attending the course but a friend insisted I accompany her. It was a shock to discover the practical tools necessary to complete my readings. Everything fell into place. Many thanks.”
Listen to your body | 1102 La Salette, St-Jerome (Quebec) CANADA J5L 2J7 |