Sometimes when I get that "far-away look" in my eyes, my wife will say, "what are you thinking about?" Sometimes there is literally nothing going on inside my head (no jokes please!), but most of the time she can see that I've got something swirling around inside, and I need to let it out. Wives have a way of sensing these things.

As we move on toward the end of the year, my mind is filled with more than just holidays and good food. I'm thinking too of kids and families, of churches and communities, of the disabled and those with albinism, of those living in poverty and those struggling as orphans, but mostly of those who don't know Jesus. My thoughts are elsewhere; in a different world, you might say. The world which God has called ECM to be a part of.

I'm glad you're a part of that world, too. As we finish up the year and start focusing on next year's goals, we are conscious of the fact that we are in this together. ECM's ministry goals can only be accomplished if we all work side by side, each doing what God has called us to do.

I hope that sharing the good news of Jesus is on your mind as we finish up 2021. Nothing about this year has been normal, and ministry has been difficult to navigate at times. But one thing has remained constant: we are still God's best tool for helping others to see and know Jesus. So, keep thinking about Jesus and how God wants to use you to change more lives. Then get out there and do it!

Thinking about the work God has called us to,
Executive Director
On the evening of September 1, ECM missionary Lorella Rouster sat at her computer, entering newly formed Congolese Sunday schools into her master list. Following newly-received reports from Congo, Lorella entered the 5,000th Sunday school established through training given by Every Child Ministries!

In fact, when all reports were entered, the total came to 5,025! Lorella estimates that means that about 402,000 children receive teaching every week through Sunday schools that started with ECM training!
Salete Mibial (10) lost both her parents when she was very young. Her parents had been followers of a cult called Nzambi Mpungu. When her parents died, Salete lived with her uncle, Kule, who also followed the cult.

Although there was a church in her village, and even a Sunday school for children, Salete showed no interest in either. She became involved with a group of teens who did obscene dances designed to attract the interest of children.

One day Salete happened to pass by a Sunday school lesson taking place. She became curious and stopped to listen to the lesson about the seven last words of Jesus as He died on the cross. At the end of the lesson, the teacher invited those who had never received Christ to come to Him. During that invitation, Salete decided to leave the group and receive Jesus as her Savior! Now she loves the Word of God and the Bible!
  • The lockdown in Uganda continues, although some of the restrictions have been lifted. Pray especially for the children getting further and further behind due to schools being closed, and that our staff and missionaries are able to keep an eye on all those in their communities to watch for signs of need - physical, emotional, spiritual.

  • Pray for our Share the Hope fundraising banquet. Pray that the new location will draw many that were not able to attend past banquets. Pray for final details to come together. Pray we would have an engaging and exciting program. This is the first year we will be requiring pre-purchased tickets. Pray that this change to help cover expenses is understood and that there will still be a good offering to further ministry on the night of Nov. 13.

  • Praise! Lorella Rouster's recent trip to Congo was a great success! Her trip was filled with very productive meetings, distribution of Sunday school materials, and working with ECM staff to seek God & to find the best ways forward for ECM. The curriculum was very well received and the staff trainings went very well! Thank you for praying!
Our shoe drive is in full swing and we are so thankful for all of you who have donated shoes! We’re collecting all types of gently worn, used and new shoes: sneakers, boots, dress shoes, sandals, athletic and casual shoes - We want them all!

If each family could donate a bag of 25 pairs of shoes we can reach our goal of 3,000 pairs of shoes donated!

Tell your friends and family and/or get your church involved! We are collecting shoes up until November 13.

Shoes may be dropped off at our home office. There is a collection box in our breezeway where you can drop off your shoes at any time that is convenient to you!

Click HERE for more details and to learn more about what happens to the shoes and how this benefits ECM!
Our annual Share the Hope Banquet is coming up on Saturday, November 13, 2021! The banquet will be held at Centennial Park in Munster, IN and tickets are $25 per person for in person attendees.

There will be a guest speaker, door prizes, games, dinner, African crafts marketplace and more!

We hope you’ll join us for this fun time of fellowship that supports our mission. Click HERE to register now! (Registration is required.)

If you are unable to join us in person, please view our livestream of the program which will be streamed at at 7 PM CST.
Above you've seen some of the ways you've helped. Now, won't you pray about the opportunity to help this or another child who is in need of sponsorship? Simply contact our office for more information, or visit our website to search for one of many other children needing sponsorship.
Anita lives with her parents and 4 sisters. She enjoys reading books and playing a game called ampe! Her father does farming and masonry work, and her mother helps farm and also does some trading.

Anita's parents need help to send her to school. They also need help expanding and improving their farming.

Your sponsorship could mean the world to Anita and encourage her to excel in school! Your sponsorship would also allow her to be involved in our Saturday club where she would receive a meal, homework help, and biblical teaching and mentoring! Could you be the one to spark hope inside her?

Sogakope (Ghana)