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Welcome to the New Year Issue of First Tuesday. In it you'll find promotions and events running throughout the whole of this month. If you enjoy receiving your copy of First Tuesday every month, please forward to any friends you think may benefit too, using our Forward to a Friend button below. Many thanks and we look forward to keeping you updated on events and promotions in Ilminster.

Have a very happy New Year from all the First Tuesday team.

The Editor   


Team Ilminster  
The new year is a great time for kick-starting new initiatives.  One of the most interesting for 2017 is Team Ilminster .  This is an internet based idea where people in and around Ilminster can add their name to a list of people who are prepared to be contacted to offer their time to help events and activities around town on an ad hoc basis. 

For example, the Victorian Night usually requires help on the night from people prepared to act as stewards and to help setting things up.  Event organisers put out a general call on email or facebook and if you are interested and available you let the organisers know and they get in touch with you directly. 

Or there may be a need for a specific thing - a trailer or small van, a projector or other piece of kit which you may be happy to offer.  It is an idea that will develop as more people join. In effect it is a Community Notice Board for people who are able and interested in supporting Ilminster and keeping it the great place it is to live and work in.

Look out for details of where to sign up as they are made public over the next few weeks.  Or contact Mike Fry-Foley on admin@ilminsterexperience.co.uk.      

Prima Moda Brides
We have our New Year Sale on until the end of January with selected wedding gowns reduced, also one off bridesmaids. There is a discount on both wedding and bridesmaid's dresses when an order is placed.

Also for a short time we have the 2017 David Tutera, designer for Mon Cheri, in store.  Check out our facebook page to see these stunning gowns here . They are showcasing at Prima Moda Brides of Ilminster displayed in the windows and in store.

So for all the brides to be this could be the time to find that perfect gown!


Planning a summer Wedding?
Now's the time to speak to us about all your stationery needs, Save the date, Invitations, RSVP cards, Table Plans, Table Names, Table Talkers, Place cards, Menus, Thank you cards, Envelope stickers and much more




A FAMILIAR face will be missing from Bonners the butchers in Ilminster in the new year. Peter Hedges, who is 84, has hung up his apron strings after 19 years as a butcher at Bonners and a lifetime in the business.

Pete, who lives in Bincombe Drive, Crewkerne, first started as a ten year old butcher working in his father's shop in Bristol. He opened his own shop in the early 1950s but then gave up to work with local authorities in environmental health and meat hygiene inspection services.

He retired at 65 but Clinton Bonner, proprietor, said: "Pete's wife Mary dropped into the shop one day and asked if I could give Pete a few hours work because he was getting bored in his retirement.

"I gave him a piece of beef to bone out and even though he had not done that for 35 years it was perfect and he started immediately. Right up until his last day before Christmas he always did his fair share and pulled his weight. He was not there just to make up the numbers and was a very loyal employee until he stepped down. We will miss Pete and his dry sense of humour and our customers will also miss him."

Pete said: "I will take away a great many special memories. I was able to forge many special relationships with customers and enjoyed working as part of an excellent team."

Pete originally worked from 6.30am five days a week and more recently from 5.30am on Thursdays and Fridays.  Mr Bonner, whose mother Palma lives next to the Silver Street shop: "Pete was always grateful because my mother would always bring him a cup of tea at 5.30am - something she has never done for me!"

Mr Bonner is pictured handing Mr Hedges gift vouchers following his retirement at Christmas.


We are excited to announce that here at the Green House HQ we are currently designing and preparing a new and more extensive menu and expanding our kitchen upstairs. So as of 2017 we will be offering more variety of meals and snacks focusing on Gluten free and homemade wholesome food.
The upcycling of furniture is still happening and commissions are always welcomed. Richard is planning lots of new and exciting upcycled projects for the new year and as ever our passion for the arts and community is growing.
We have several workshops for the community coming up and these are ever changing. In January, we have a 6 week creative writing workshop and Avalon elf coats are running 2 x two day courses teaching you how to create your own upcycled clothing.
"SimplyUnwind" The treatment room upstairs is now up and running getting busier every day. A little info about Kerstin and her business.......

There is so much talk about how stress creates dis-ease. Still, our lives are so busy we hardly know how we feel - until of course there is some kind of dis-comfort or dis-ease. Our bodies are amazing creations, designed to compensate for much of this, but continuously stressed muscle tissue will eventually lead to pain or numbness. Suddenly we become aware of certain parts of our bodies to the point, where we change the way we move in order to avoid 'that pain' or discomfort. Little do we realise how much this actually compounds the problem.
By reducing our range of movement e.g. by limping, we set up a compensatory pattern in the body with its own set of problems as a consequence, we also significantly reduce the blood and lymph flow to the area involved, starving the supply of nutrients it so desperately needs and obstructing the elimination of wastes. Toxins accumulate, which can cause knots and trigger points, blockages form in our muscle tissues often resulting in inflammation. It doesn't take a scientist to realise that gentle movement as well as body work therapies increase blood and lymph flow to the area and greatly speed up the healing process.
But what exactly happens when we become tense because of either repetitive physical or emotional strain? A tense muscle is a shortened muscle pulling on our bones or joints via their attachments, the tendons. Connective tissue has a tendency to adapt to its shortest functional length and this can cause misalignment and distortion leading to pain and joint stiffness or even trapped nerves.
The correct tension in the tissue eases pain by allowing free joint mobility and improved posture.
Most pain and discomfort is caused by un-explored tension in the body-mind connection. The way we stand, walk and carry our Self tell our story. Body communication is the key to holistic healing. To create a happy and healthy life, we need to recognise what our body is trying to tell us.
I utilise the healing touch of Massage and Bowen Work alongside Relaxation and Breathing Techniques, Postural Alignment, Stress Awareness and Spiritual Guidance to help you restore the Body-Mind Connection through Awareness and BodyWork.
I am particularly open to working with and celebrating children and adults of neuro-diversity, such as Asperger Syndrome, Hypersensitivity, ADHD, Dyslexia, Gender Variants, etc.
Kerstin Weber

Meeting House
What's on this month

Arts Centre re-opens 9.30am Tuesday 3rd January


Tuesday 3rd January to Saturday 21st January

The prize-winning artists of the 2016 Ilminster Open return to the Arts Centre to show their latest work.  Since picking up their prizes in August, the artists have all been busy working towards this exhibition and this will be a wonderful opportunity to catch up with what they've been up to in the intervening months.

This is always one of our most popular and keenly anticipated exhibitions of the year, with a truly diverse selection of work to enjoy, from mixed media sculpture to watercolours and textile pictures and much more.

Sue Allen   
Imogen Bittner  
Jane Burden
Gary Cook    
Leo Davey   
Peter Monkcom
Charo Ritchie    
Sue Smallwood
Monday 23rd January 
Monday 23rd January to Saturday 11th February

Come and celebrate the wonderful world we live in, as seen through the eyes of this talented group of West Country artists.

This richly textured exhibition features:

Budding young photographer OLIVER HELLOWELL  
Colourful travel reportage photography by BERNARD RINGROSE 
Oil paintings by MATTHEW DENNETT 
Landscapes in oils and acrylics by VALERIE DUCKWORTH 
Textiles by k3n 


Friday 13th January at 8.00pm

(pre-show supper at 7:00pm)

LOUISE PARKER sings a tribute to NINA SIMONE
with the Matt Carter trio

Tickets £14 (£28 including pre-show supper) can be booked on 01460 54973

Nina Simone was one of the most extraordinary artists of the twentieth century, an icon of American music. She was the consummate musical storyteller using her remarkable talent to create a legacy of liberation, empowerment, passion, and love through her magnificent body of works. She earned the title 'High Priestess of Soul' for she could weave a spell so seductive and hypnotic that listeners became transfixed and absorbed.
Louise, who has visited us several times before, will be singing her best known songs, with Matt, our west country rising star of the piano no doubt echoing Nina's prowess as a player. 

Friday 27th January at 8.00pm
(pre-show supper at 7:00pm)


Dave O'Higgins, Geoff Simkins and Dominic Ashworth


The Craig Milverton trio

Tickets £18 (£32 including pre-show supper) can be booked on 01460 54973

Again we have three of the best known award winning names in British jazz, playing mainstream/modern jazz in the way our Ilminster audience likes to hear it.  This performance will rank very highly amongst the top gigs we have had at The Meeting House. It is almost certain to be a sell-out so book your tickets early.

Dave O'Higgins "I started out listening to my sister's Elvis Presley records," says O'Higgins. "Then at school, when I had the opportunity to learn an instrument, I decided that I wanted to play the loudest instrument there was, so I borrowed the school trumpet and had a go on that. I remember it used to smell horrible when I got it out of the case." The trumpet was a bit complicated for a young child to master however, so he started on the drums when he was nine. "I used the school drum kit - a grey Premier with some really thin cymbals." When he was 11, his father bought him a basic four piece Premier 'rock' kit. "I remember that massive 22-inch bass drum - I wasn't into jazz at that time. Then I got this urge to play the piano, but my teacher only allowed me to play classical music and of course I wanted to play everything but classical music!" This didn't stop O'Higgins passing his Grade 8 at just 13. "That's when I stopped - there was nowhere else to go." The drumming however continued, and by the age of 12 he had a regular Sunday night spot backing cabaret with an organist at the local working men's club.

Geoff Simkins has been playing jazz since his early teens originally as a drummer but quickly switching to Alto Saxophone. As a professional musician since 1977, he has played at concerts, clubs and festivals in all parts of the U.K. and has worked abroad extensively in Europe, Scandinavia, West Africa, Bahrein, Dubai, and the Far East. Recordings include albums with his own quartet, two L.P's with Danny Moss (which were voted among the top records of the year by Jazz Journal), albums with Billy Butterfield and Yank Lawson, and most recently with Dave Cliff including the much praised C.D's 'The Music of Tadd Dameron' released in 1997 and the marvellous duo and quartet recording of the previous year - 'Sipping at Bells '.

Dominic has toured and recorded with Carol Kidd, Michael Garrick, Julian Marc Stringle and Digby Fairweather's Half Dozen with George Melly and recently Paul Jones.

Craig Milverton was born in Bexley, Kent and took piano lessons from the ages of 7 -12, but has no formal jazz training. Craig's main influences are Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans and his jazz interest was spawned by his fathers record collection. Craig began performing in public as young as 10 years of age, turning professional at 21.

Craig has played at all our top UK jazz venues along with The Birmingham Symphony Hall, The Royal Festival Hall, Mintons Playhouse New York, and The Half Note New York, and has appeared at Sacremento, California, Cork, Brecon, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Birmingham, Dubai, Bordeux, Cyprus, Istanbul, Albania, Hamburg, and Amsterdam Jazz Festivals. In doing so the list of musicians he has played with covers the best known names in the whole World of jazz. His trio is regularly required to back visiting American soloists at festivals and venues across the UK.
Craig won the UK Jazz Award for piano in 2010.  He is very much in demand with his various trios and quartets, as an accompanist to the late Humphrey Lyttleton's favourite vocalist, singer Louise Parker, and also as a solo performer with his 'Tribute To Oscar Peterson' and his 'Jazz Piano Legends'. Few British pianists have Craigs' thorough knowledge and grasp of jazz styles. His love of the music shines through and he is a natural at whatever he plays.


Opening Hours 
Monday - Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm 
Saturday 9.30 -2.30pm - Closed Sundays. 
Box Office: 01460 54973 
Website: www.themeetinghouse.org.uk

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