The Power of Music
by Chris Wingfield, Weekend Experience Director

Hey, Ginghamsburg family. Let’s talk about music for a moment. What’s in your playlist? What songs have you listened to lately? Music is an important part of worship and praise to God. Music can make you happy, sad, angry, or inspired. Music is a universal language that is shared around the world. Music has often been used to help us remember jingles from TV or your ABC’s. Say it with me, “Music has power.” The creation of music is a gift that speaks to our hearts, minds, and souls. Let’s look at music using the acronym M. U. S. I. C. (See what I did there?)
Motivate - We use music during our workouts to get us excited and ready for challenge ahead. We listen to music before a speech or a game just to get us pumped. Music motivates!

Unite - We see music used to bring us together in corporate worship. We also see music used before your favorite sporting event. Music draws a crowd.

Shift - Music can be used to shift the atmosphere, mood, or mindset. You’ve had a full day of work or running the kids around and you just wanna have a moment, so you put on your music to change the atmosphere from chaos to peace. Your favorite movie has an underscore to it that makes those scenes come to life. That 7-hour road trip feels like 3 hours because of the shift in atmosphere set in your vehicle.
Illuminates - Worship music shines light on the word of God. It highlights grace and mercy and God's favor on our lives.

Carries - Worship music carries the word of God. We sing the scriptures; we sing of the goodness of God. Sometimes you may not remember a scripture, but you can remember a song that lifts you up in those trying moments.

Music is a gift from God, and we are wired to respond to it. Just look at a small child, without prompting they will naturally respond to music.

So today, how will you use the power of music? Will you use it to help focus? Maybe you need some motivation or a shift in your atmosphere. However you use it, let's make sure we enjoy this awesome and powerful gift from God. I would love to listen to what’s in your playlist. So, feel free to send me some of your favorite songs to

Many Blessings!
Chris Wingfield
Weekend Experience Director
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