The iris were in full bloom this spring at the Buttrick Gardens. The garden hosts an impressive array of iris cultivars in a variety of colors. Plans for the garden date back as early as 1911 when the mansion was built by Stedman Buttrick, but it was Stedman Buttrick Jr. who expanded the gardens and propagated irises from mid 1930’s to the late 1950’s.

If you missed the iris, don't worry, the garden will continue to bloom through the fall with a range of different flowers including daylilies, swamp rose mallow, and tall phlox.The Buttrick Gardens are open sunrise to sunset and are located next to the North Bridge Visitor Center at 174 Liberty Street, Concord, MA.

The Friends of Minute Man National Park are a major supporter of the Buttrick Gardens; if you'd like to make a donation to keep the gardens healthy and blooming, please click on the link below. Thank you!