March 13, 2019
What Is Possible?  

The weather continues to surprise us with freezing temperatures, a little more snow and an icy rain now and then.  Daylight Savings Time tells us to "Spring Forward" yet spring seems further out than we can leap.  Events unfolding around us can be chilling also.  We wonder how the world, how human beings, can treat other human beings, animals and our earth so unkindly.  We wonder how much greed rules our economy and is enough ever enough?  

At the side of the church I was surprised to see several inches of daffodil shoots up above the frozen ground.  Sturdy green spears portend of a spring full of yellow blooms and possibility.  Beneath the silent, brown and frozen surface activity is unfolding.  Beyond the appearance of nothing living, life is pushing itself forward.  

This week I invite you to look beyond the appearances and ask yourself what is possible in your life?  What could happen if you take one small step today in the direction of possibility?  Take one discouraging headline in the news and look beyond that appearance to see  what is possible.  Be outrageous in perceiving possibilities and claim the power of spiritual evolution unfolding!  We live in an infinitely generous and creative Universe so maybe we should stop limiting our good by having such a narrow view of what is possible.  

Reverend Joy
Calendar for this week
TODAY:  Wednesday 03/13

Thursday 03/14
7pm: Choir Practice

Friday 03/15
Office Closed

Sat 03/16

Sun 03/17
10am :  Rev Joy, "Unity  and Trinity"
11:45am: Healing Service
11:45am:  Service Auction Committee
5:30pm: CoDA Step Study
7:00pm: CoDA 

Mon 03/18
Office Closed 
6:30pm A Course in Miracles
Tuesday 03/19

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To listen to Rev Joy's sermon from 3/10/2019, Unity, Science and Spirituality, please click on the link.   
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Healing Service, this Sunday 3/17,
immediately following our Sunday Celebration

March 31st through April 14th
Winners announced at Palm Sunday brunch

This is an opportunity to GIVE and to RECEIVE!!

The team is STILL  accepting your donation of a service (like driving someone to the airport and picking them up), an item (like a piece of jewelry or art) or an experience (like tickets to a sporting event or hosting a limited number of guests for dinner at your house). Questions or ideas may be directed to the Auction Committee: Jeanette Egan, Eva Burkhart, Jeanne Shipe and Ginny Stanglein.  

We'd like you to know about some of the exciting items already gathered!!

Here is a sample of offerings which will be available to bid on.  

Mike Holiday House Concert 1-2 hours
Dale Parkhurst Messenger Bag
Beverly Freeman Services to decopauge or paint any item
Karl Hertwig Hike in Poconos Delaware Water Gap

Special Music and 
Guest Speaker

Join us SUNDAY, March 24th as Sarah Winston joins us as guest musician and our UUMS intern, Reverend Sandra Haase invites "More Grace, Please".  


I t's that time of year again!!  Easter will soon be upon us.  Order your Easter flowers now!  

The flowers will decorate our Sanctuary on Easter Sunday, and then will be available for you to bring home after the service! 

This year we are offering Lilies, Primrose, Dwarf Iris, Crocus, large-flower Daffodils and Tulips of varying colors! 

Order forms are at the church or you can download an order form from the link below!  Orders with payment are due by April 7th.  


Join Answer the Muse on a highly infectious, positive musical journey that weaves together inspired original music, relevant theatrical moments, and audience participation with every spirit rising show. Breaking the audience/performer barrier, Answer the Muse invites the audience in, to share in the experience through movement, breath work, chanting and meditation.  Audiences feel moved, inspired, and "super happy"!  

On SUNDAY, APRIL 7th we welcome Answer the Muse to ULV.  They will join us for the Sunday service and plan to stay for their afternoon interactive  concert from 1pm to 3pm!

We'll plan a Salad Bar potluck in between service and the concert so no one goes hungry.  

The concert is only $20 per person!  Family friendly and kids under 10 are free!  Sign-up downstairs or register and pay online by clicking on this link Pay Via PayPal Answer the Muse!   For a little listen to their music, CLICK HERE.  

What are you grateful for? 

Thank you to Cindy Gunn for saying YES to Platforming last Sunday.

Thank you to Rob Sieger for jumping in to fill our audio coverage last Sunday! 

We appreciate all those who are working on the Service Auction and all those generously offering services and items.  

If you are grateful for something at ULV, send a message to the office:   

April 14th:  Palm Sunday Brunch
April 18th, 6:30pm: Maundy Thursday Service
May 5th: Message in Music with our ULV Choir
June 2nd: Celebrating 40 years of ministry at ULV with a Church Blessing and Dedication

Saturday, April 20th, 6:30pm, Community Seder themes of Freedom and Social Justice.   Hosted by Congregation Am Haskalah at  Muhlenberg College, Seegers Union.  Led by Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein. $25/person  RSVP by April 10th to or 610-435-3775 

Interfaith Gathering & DinnerLehigh Dialogue Center, Sunday, March 24, 2019  at 5:30PM  Vegetarian Potluck (bring a dish to share with ingredients listed-no meat or alcohol)  6:30-8:30pm Panel Discussion, "Holy Days"  Free for all ages 
RSVP to or 610-849-0472

Just north of us, Kirkridge offers great opportunities for renewal and spiritual exploration.   Check out upcoming programs at their website by  CLICKING HERE

Bradbury-Sullivan Center Classes, Workshops and Support
  Go to their website by CLICKING HERE    The Center is located at 522 W Maple Street in downtown Allentown.  

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Reverend Joy: