Bergen Buzz: What attracted you to want to become Bergen Volunteers’ CEO?
Nina Bachrach — I have a passion for service to the community and have long admired Bergen Volunteers' mission and vision. I appreciate that Bergen Volunteers is consistent in its efforts to provide support where needed. It’s a terrific organization with a wonderful ability to collaborate across all sectors, which strengthens the diversity of its programs.

BB: What is your leadership style?
NB — Teamwork, support, and collaboration. They sound like buzz words, but I am truly here to help. The staff at Bergen Volunteers is dedicated, enthusiastic, and positive. They’ve performed admirably in response to the pandemic and through the CEO change. I look forward to working together to strengthen the organization.

BB: What challenges do you see for the organization?
NB — Initially, I am in learning mode, to see where we can strengthen existing programs and ensure we are fiscally sustainable in these uncertain times. And then there’s COVID-19 which has exposed many gaps in the social safety net within Bergen County. Because of its long-time efforts in the community, Bergen Volunteers is in a unique position to help other nonprofits and all sectors come together to address these gaps. I am excited to contribute to making these partnerships and collaborations happen and continuing the Bergen Volunteers legacy of being a change-maker in the community.