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Indiana Kitchen Fresh and Natural Back Ribs
Also called “baby” back ribs for their length, these short and meaty ribs come from the top of the ribcage (hence their name). Back ribs make BBQ dreams come true as they are perfect for grilling, smoking, slow-cooking or broiling.

Low Price: ***$2.79 a Pound***

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"We work with small independent family farmers in Iowa that raise 100% Berkshire Hogs outdoors, without the use of antibiotics. Using the best tasting bacon on the planet is one of the reason why our sausage tastes so good. The bacon is nitrate-free and hardwood smoked. We grind the amazing bacon with pork and add a little pure brown sugar and sea salt. Then we naturally encase the sausage and smoke it using a combination of hickory and applewood hardwoods. Our sausage is made the traditional smokehouse way, with one difference, we cram as much bacon into every encased meat we make."

Product Description

This is our spicy bacon sausage. Made with fresh jalapenos, dried habaneros, and crushed red chilies, this bacon sausage is for the spicy lover. Two-time winner at the Culinary Fight Club. A great cooking sausage paired with something sweet (like apples or mangos) or something sour (e.g. hot and sour stir fry), it’s also great to add heat, smoke, and bacon notes to jambalaya, chili, and soups.  
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Hoosier Popcorn exists to Unite the people of Indiana around one of its finest product - popcorn! All of Hoosier Popcorn kernels come straight from the fields of 17 Indiana Farms. Combined with HP's 100% Sunflower Oil, and 100% Fine Sea Salt, you taste the best popcorn combination on the market!

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