September 30, 2017 - Issue 17-40


Good Afternoon.

In an interchange this week, I was reminded of the value of respectful treatment of our fellow human beings in our interactions.

Be Kind...Even When You Feel Less than Charitable!

In my experience, disrespect in communication accomplishes nothing other than to alienate people from each other. Respectful treatment and communication with all around you, and especially those with whom you're working to accomplish something, achieves far more than sarcasm or negative criticism. Even when someone has actively caused you harm, "burning bridges" is seldom warranted. You don't have to interact, or do business, with the person who affronted you - just forgive them, and leave them alone. Forgiving is one of the healthiest things you can do, and carrying around a grudge is one of the unhealthiest! When you are angry about someone, or even some thing, that person or thing cares not about your anger. You're the one who suffers - let it go!

Sometimes these conversations can degenerate into a situation where one side tries to prove itself  "right" and the other side "wrong". I will submit here that trying to prove oneself right, or others wrong, serves only to prove the arrogance and insensitivity of the prover.

This week I'll address this topic of respectful treatment of each other, especially in a situation where someone made a mistake that needs to be corrected, in my comments and in an article by Minda Zetlin.

Read on, and enjoy!

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Is It Really Necessary to Criticize This Person?

This is a good question to ask yourself before getting into any active discussion of someone's mistake. Many times you can find a part of the task they did well, or at least satisfactorily. Sometimes that good performance  mitigates the mistake they made. Complimenting them on that positive aspect of their performance may actually shed a negative light, for them, on their mistake without the need to even mention it. Most, realizing that they made a mistake, will correct it on their own, likely more effectively than with any comment from you.

Perhaps they have correctly, on other occasions, performed the task on which they made the error. Especially if that was within a few days of the offending incident, positive reinforcement of their correct performance will usually have the effect of turning them away from the negative performance.

If It Must be Addressed... 

Sometimes the error is so grievous that it must be addressed head-on. Maybe it seriously impacts the company's bottom line. It may put the company in a risky position with respect to legal liability. Sometimes it might pose a physical safety concern that's unacceptable. If the infringement of rules or appropriate behavior is serious enough that it must be stopped immediately and not allowed to repeat, then the passive methods of addressing it that I described above may be inadequate.

Nonetheless, even in those extreme situations, it's always important to remember that the whole point of criticizing someone's actions is to cause them to change their behavior and thereby improve the results achieved by the organization. Maintaining their self-esteem through constructive criticism is invaluable here. My friend Brian Tracy has commented that, "Negative criticism of a person has about the same effect as smashing a malfunctioning computer with a hammer". Unlikely to improve results!
Coaching on How to Improve

When someone on the team "screws up" - does something, or fails to do something, that demands correction - many leaders consider dealing with this the most difficult task they face. If you criticize constructively, you can do it without disrespecting anyone, and with an eye to using the incident to improve the team's performance. Constructive criticism entails digging into what led to the error, coaching on how to do better in the future, and on what can be done to mitigate the result of the misstep.  Minda Zetlin  offers some great advice on how to handle this with aplomb in this  article .

The next time you're faced with errant behavior by someone around you, you may want to consider these thoughts and advice. They work anywhere - in business, in social situations, in families, or anywhere people interact with each other. 

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