October 7, 2017 - Issue 17-41


Good Afternoon.

This weekend marks the one-year anniversary of my move to Cafayate, the quaint little town in northwest Argentina where I now make my home. 

After a wonderful visit with my family and friends in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, I returned home at the beginning of August. We've had a very peaceful winter and early spring with very few people in La Estancia de Cafayate (LEC), the lovely resort at the edge of Cafayate in which my residence is located. Even a number of the townspeople have been away and the remaining ones have stayed pretty quiet.

As much as the tranquility is enjoyable, it's wonderful to see people filtering back in. By the end of October, nearly all the "full-time" (minus only several weeks to a few months of visiting elsewhere in the world) residents will be back at LEC. The social life will pick up, there will be more golf matches, more activity at our lovely spa, and things will feel more like I was accustomed to during my shorter visits over the past few years, always during the livelier months of the year. 

In November we'll have back to back events with many visitors. In the second week of the month, we'll welcome prospective buyers here to experience a taste of what LEC life is like. The Owners' Event, in the third week of November, is designed to welcome our many absentee owners here to reconnect with each other, learn what developments have taken place at LEC, and of course make new friends. Many will show up with guests in tow. An exciting month! 

As always, I welcome inquiries about LEC, what's available for investments here, or just to visit and see what this lovely corner of the world is all about. Please get in touch with me if that's in the cards for you. I'll welcome the opportunity to show you around!

This week, my business thoughts return to one of my favorite topics - leadership. We'll examine a trait of many powerful leaders which may surprise you. It's nearly invisible as an effective leader moves through the days, months and years of his or her accomplishments. When you look back at the lives of some of the most powerful leaders in business, world affairs, and at their personal lives, the characteristic that stands out is...humility. While there have been flamboyant leaders who accomplished many things, some of the most effective people have been distinctly humble. 

We'll take a deeper look at this aspect of leadership in a few further comments by me and an article by Justin Bariso.

Please read on, and enjoy!

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What's the One Trait Most Noted in Great Leaders?

When we think of the most effective, most-followed leaders in the history of the world, some of the names at the top of most people's list might be Jesus Christ, Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa, and George Washington. All of these people led by example, did not hold themselves above the people they led, and attracted huge throngs of followers.

In this  article by Justin Bariso, we can see the value of humility in leadership. Few results of a person's accomplishments speak louder for their value to humankind than how they were viewed among their followers. In their humility, great leaders become greatly loved by their employees, families and associates. They also develop those with great potential as their successors, since a large part of humility is recognizing one's dispensability. 

Washington Could Have Remained President 
Until He Died

And America would have been far worse off for it - not necessarily during Washington's presidency, but by the establishment of entrenched rulership. It wouldn't have been that different from the England we'd just separated from. 

Who among today's political leaders would, as George Washington did, refuse to stay in the presidency with unanimous support, and insist that a replacement be elected? He recognized, in his humility, that he was dispensable and that the health of the new nation depended on establishing the succession of leadership characteristic of a functioning republic.

We could argue endlessly about where all this has led two and a half centuries later - I'll leave that for another day, and probably another writer. The important point here is that Washington did the right thing for the nation, rather than choosing to bask in the glory people wanted to bestow on him.

People like Lee Iacocca, Jeffrey Immelt, or Donald Trump have achieved some important results for their companies with their flamboyant styles. Few would argue that they made their way without stepping on many people's toes and, almost certainly, crushing the careers of many promising people. This is hardly the way to mentor great successors and endear themselves to their minions.

So enjoy Bariso's article and consider the value of humility in your relationships. If you would like to read of another great example of humble leadership, please check out my account, from a few months ago, of Benno Dorer, CEO of Clorox.

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