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1 Tishrei 5784 - September 16, 2023

Rosh Hashanah

Rabbi's Reflections

-For the Conductor: Play Your Part to Perfection-

The moment just before the blowing of the Shofar is always a tense and exciting time. We somehow tap into a spiritual part of ourselves that eagerly waits for this moment every year. Maybe we close our eyes, standing in total silence. Maybe we reflect upon our lives – our relationships, the things we want to improve upon, our losses and our gains. It's a dramatic inhale before hearing our voices, our hopes and dreams exhale into the world through the sounding of the shofar. However, as we prepare for our inhale, we recite Psalm 47 seven times, and there are many mystical reasons why we do this. However, I want to focus on the way we refer to God in the Psalm: "For the Conductor." This is a rather odd way to refer to God. So, why was this word chosen? What does a conductor do? 

A conductor leads his or her orchestra. A conductor guides the musicians to play their parts to perfection, and what's more, a conductor knows where each and every instrument is located – which one should play and which one should be still. Which should sound louder or faster or deeper, and which should sound softer, slower and lighter. Now, every musician can read the notes on the page, they’re all very talented, capable and well-trained. But only the conductor can elicit the truest effect of their instruments, culling the best from the musicians to play their parts to perfection. Thus, God is the Conductor of the universe. God knows where everything in His orchestra is located. God knows in which season to bring rain and in which season to bring sun. God knows the sounds and songs of all Creation – when the cricket should chirp and when the bird should sing. When the wolf should howl and when the donkey should bray. Everything in Creation creates a wonderous music, all based on the direction of the Conductor, Who guides them all in complete harmony. And God knows your song as well. God knows exactly where you are located in His orchestra, God knows when you should sing and how you should sing – how loud or soft, how fast or slow – God knows everything about your part, as it says, “Even before I formed you in the womb, I knew you” (Yirmiyahu 1:5). But do we know where we stand in His orchestra? Do we know the part we're supposed to play? Even if we think we know, like a musician reading a sheet of music, do we know how we can make our song sing to its fullest potential? 

This year, during the second day of Rosh Hashanah, the Conductor is tapping His baton on the lectern. He is raising His arms. After a long year, He has our attention, and we have His. We are anxiously inhaling, waiting with baited breath for the first wave of His hands. On Sunday, as we hear the one hundred blasts of the shofar, let us hear, let us feel our Conductor fervently motioning to us to help us better understand who we are, what our purpose is, and how we can play our part in His symphony of Creation to perfection. 

Shabbat Shalom and Shanah Tova!

-Rabbi Dan

Schedule of Services at B'nai Abraham

Friday Night

Erev Rosh Hashana

Candle Lighting


Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat


Shabbat Morning

Rosh Hashana



Youth Services


Rabbi's Sermon

10:30AM (Approximate)



Shiur by Rabbi Kretzmer-Seed


Candle Lighting

After 8:11PM


Rosh Hashana



Youth Services


Rabbi's Sermon

10:30AM (Approximate)

Sunday (Continued)


10:50AM (Approximate)



Tashlich at Gan Yaniv


Shiur by Rabbi David Shawel




Yom Tov Ends



Tzom Gedalia

Fast Begins


Selichot followed by Shacharit






Fast Ends


We encourage everyone to daven privately when unable to attend services. 

CTI Announcements

Volunteers Needed 

Wednesday, September 20th at 8am to assemble the CTI Sukkot.

Please call Gary Gerstenhaber at 512-791-4000 if you're able to help.

Maftir Yonah Sponsorship for Rabbi Dan

This year, CTI is honoring Rabbi Dan with the Maftir Yonah reading at Mincha on Yom Kippur.

This Haftarah reading is considered to be one of the highest honors a Shul can bestow upon one

of its communal members.

As part of the honor being bestowed up our Rabbi, a number of congregants have graciously

agreed to co-sponsor his Aliyah and Haftarah reading with a $200 donation each to

Congregation Tiferet Israel. These generous congregants include:

  • Arthur and Barb Altman
  • Lowell and Jeanette Brickman
  • David and Rita Chapin
  • Mitch and Patti Davis
  • Adam Dollinger and Elena Tsanko
  • Gary and Karin Gerstenhaber
  • Vicky Gould (in loving memory of Jan Gould z”l)
  • Chuck and Vonne Kaufman
  • Efraim and Sigal Klein
  • Dan and Natalie Ledeen
  • Robert and Susan Millner
  • Erik and Lindsay Rahimi
  • Isaac and Angela Raschkovsky
  • Josh Rosenberg and Kendra Fox
  • Malkah Esther Roth
  • Jay and Carol Rubin
  • Myles and Marta Shaftel
  • Eric and Beth Shapiro
  • Larry and Ester Smith
  • Phil Spertus
  • Solomon and Devorah Sultan
  • Steve Swernofsky
  • Gabe and Sarah Wander
  • Scott Weingarten

If you would like to learn more information about this opportunity, or join the above sponsors

in co-sponsoring Rabbi Dan’s Aliyah and Haftarah reading, please contact Eric Shapiro at for more information.

There WILL NOT be a kiddush after services on both the first and second day of Rosh Hashanah.

A BIG THANK YOU to the CTI Community for stepping up to sponsor a Kiddush! It is a special way to help our Chevrah while honoring a loved one for a special event or to commemorate a Yahrtzeit. Your sponsorships have been filling up our kiddush calendar nicely, and we are booked many weeks out at this point.

If you would like to sponsor a kiddush in September or October, please take a look at our calendar and reserve your spot as the calendar has been filling up quickly! And THANK YOU for supporting CTI and our community with your sponsorship!

Sponsor A Kiddush

Mazel Tov!

  • Lazaro Brener on September 16th (Birthday)
  • Karina Schumer on September 16th (Birthday)
  • Michelle Van Keer on September 19th (Birthday)
  • Eyal Ledeen on September 20th (Birthday)

Yahrtzeit Remembrances

  • Carol Ronsheim Martin, Mother of Kendra Fox, on Sunday 2 Tishrei
  • Bob Tatham, Husband of Henna E Tatham, on Wednesday 5 TIshrei
  • Roslyn Joffe, Mother of Basile Joffe, on Wednesday 5 Tishrei
  • Dora Solomin, Mother of Henna Tatham, on Thursday 6 Tishrei

May their souls be bound up in the bond of life.

Volunteer Opportunity

CTI is looking for a man or woman to serve as a backup shmira coordinator, to help manage shifts and communicate with the shomrim. Please contact Larry at 512-923-3964 or by email if you are interested or would like more information.

Torah Classes at CTI

Take Your Tanakh Series

Tuesday Night | 7:00pm - The Book of Isaiah

Wednesday Morning | 8:15am - The Book of Job

Click Here for more information on how to join these exciting classes.


Thank you to our anonymous donors.

Thank you to Rick Goldberg, Chuck Kaufman, Warren Wartell,

and David Chapin for their aliyah donations.

Thank you to Lindsay and Eric Rahimi, Henna Tatham, Vicky Gould, Jay and Carol Rubin, and Arthur and Barb Altman, for their high holiday donations.

Thank you to Henna Tatham for her yahrzeit donations in

memory of her husband Bob Tatham z"l and Dora Solomin z"l.

Thank you to Jay and Carol Rubin for their yizkpr donations.

Thank you to Vicky Gould for her donation to the Tendler Fund

for sponsoring this year's Membership Barbecue.

Thank you to Malkah Ester Roth for her donation in honor of her son Rabbi Reuven Roth starting double Masters in Science Education.

Make a Donation

Contact Us!

Rabbi Dan Millner: 

Phone: 512-410-0336 X101

For more contact numbers and emails, visit our website.

Refuah Shelayma To:

  • Allene Novy-Portnoy; Hannah Bassa bat Sarah Osnat 
  • Avshalom ben Hannah Bassa
  • Cindy Newman 
  • Janet Goldberg; Shayna Masha bat Chasha Mina
  • Ken Friedman
  • Rebecca Millner; Rivkah bat Shoshana
  • Sheina Ruchel bat Henya Leah
  • Tzvi David ben Rivka Golda
  • Yoel Simcha ben Chaya Risha 
  • Sulta bat Nedgma
  • Zvi Aharon ben Bayla
  • Yaira bat Sarah
  • Tamar bat Chaya
  • Ilana bat Gheita
  • HaRav Avram Meir ben Eli Yosef v'Shira Chanah.
  • Rabbi Harold Liebowitz, HaRav Chaim Alter ben Necha. 
  • Baruch Akiva Ben Rivka
  • Miriam bat Helen
  • Rivka Michal bat Sarah Chana
  • Lori Garza 
  • Yisroel Natan ben Sarah
  • Masha Gitil bas Chaya Yita
  • Allen Levinson; Avraham Yitzchak ben Gittel
  • Moshe ben Reizel
  • David Chapin
  • Avigail Malkah bat Devorah
  • David Moshe ben Sylvia
  • Shoshana bat Yocheved
  • Miriam bat Rachel v'Mordechai
  • Alta Shoshana bat Shulamit
  • Meir Psachia ben Tziril
  • Geni Berman Abitbol
  • Beilya Golda bat Leah
  • Yosef Yehoshua ben Sarah
  • Jonathan Malawer (Yosef ben Bracha)
  • Bowie Alarcon
  • Fivel ben Sarah HaLevi
  • Adam ben Chanah
  • Rafael ben Sheindal Leah
  • Aharon Asher ben Chaya Naomi
  • Esther Malka Fraida bat Serel Chaya Raiza
  • Kalev Boaz Chai ben Aliza
  • Esther Reva bat Malka
  • Avraham ben Rut
  • Sheva Eva bat Bella.
  • Moshe ben Rut
  • Shulkah Malka bat Tziporah
  • Chandal bat Basia
  • Shmuel Dovid bat Malka
  • Anthony Ben Devorah
  • Shayna Leah bat Yehudit
  • Reuven ben Shira
  • Batyah bat Sara
  • Akiva ben Sara
  • Rachel Tzivia bat Malka
  • Chava Golda bat Leah
  • David Yosef ben Aga
  • Layla Tzohara bat Naomi Rivkeh

 Wishing all Cholei Yisrael a Refuah Shlayma. 

Dear Tiferet Friends, 

If you placed a name on the Refuah Shelayma list and G-d willing the person is well, 

please let us know. Also, if you have a friend or family member who needs 

prayers for healing, again please let us know at  

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