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29 Tishrei 5784 - October 14, 2023

Shabbat Mevarchim - Parshat Bereshit

Rabbi's Reflections

-How Can We Dance?: Thoughts on Simchat Torah and the War in Israel -

On the eve of Simchat Torah, I struggled to find a way to bridge the vast emotional chasm between rejoicing in the Torah on the one hand, and grieving the loss of innocent Israeli life, fearing for the welfare of Israeli captives and praying for the recovery of Israeli injured on the other. Some people asked me earlier in the day if we would even perform the traditional hakafot, parading the Torah around the bimah accompanied by exuberant singing and dancing, due to the horrific news coming out of Israel. Honestly, I did not know what was going to happen. After all, how could we express even a modicum of joy when our brothers and sisters in Israel are under siege? However, how could we not express any measure of joy over completing the Torah? What would that joy even feel like at a time like this? I felt suspended between two cliffs, torn between two contradictory realities.

Before we began Maariv, still unsure of what would be, I recalled the following teaching: “During the seven festival days, the people of Israel rejoiced with the festival commandments; sukkah, the four species, the water-libation, and the aravah with which the altar was circled. Upon the advent of Shemini Atzeret the people of Israel say before God: Today, we have neither sukkah nor lulav, we have neither the water-libation nor the aravah – we have left only this Torah with which to rejoice. And this joy is greater than all other joys, for it is constant, and it never ceases or is diminished in the least” (Sefer HaToda’ah). What is the joy we are meant to express on Simchat Torah? It is not frivolous, carefree, excessive revelry. Rather, the true joy we are meant to express and experience on Simchat Torah is the joy of simply knowing that the Torah is our eternal inheritance, as it says, “When Moshe charged us with the Torah, as the heritage of the congregation of Yaakov” (Devarim 33:4). Unlike everything else in the world which is transient, which has its time, place and fleeting relevance, the Torah is “constant, and it never ceases or is diminished in the least.” Thus, if the Torah is eternal, so too is the nation God chose to entrust it with, as it says, “If these laws should ever be annulled by Me – declares the Lord – Only then would the offspring of Israel cease to be a nation before Me for all time” (Yirmiyahu 31:36). By rejoicing in the eternality of the Torah, we rejoice in the eternality of the Jewish people. That is the real joy of Simchat Torah, and that was the thought I shared to help frame the festival before we began Maariv. 

The only thing that could bring our souls the slightest relief on that strange, heavy and dissociated Simchat Torah evening was the knowledge that the Jewish people, our people, will succeed – that the Jewish people, our people, will triumph – that the Jewish people, our people, will continue to march forward towards our spiritual and national destiny with God’s help, while our adversaries will be swept to the dustbin of history. The joy of Simchat Torah is simply knowing that you are a Jew, and because God gave you His Torah, He gave you eternity. With that in mind, we did dance, we did sing, albeit in a more muted way and at a brisker pace, but feeling the joy of knowing we will triumph in the end gave me, and all of us, the strength to open laptops and phones after the Yom Tov ended, and look at the extensiveness of the horror we had only heard about over the holiday. 

As a people, we are broken, we are grieving, we are frightened and we are angry. We firmly stand with our Israeli brothers and sisters, and we pray for the souls of all those innocent Israeli men, women and children who have been murdered in cold blood by those monstrous hordes who know nothing but hate, who understand nothing but death and who can do nothing but evil. We pray for the speedy and safe rescue of all those innocent Israeli citizens taken captive by those malevolent forces. We pray for the recovery of all those innocent Israeli citizens injured in the unprovoked invasion, and we pray for the welfare of all Israel’s people. The Jewish people will triumph as good must triumph over evil. Together, we will prevail, as light must prevail over darkness. Together, we will claim our eternity, because just as God gave us a “Torah of life,” “Am Yisrael Chai,” “The people of Israel live!” 

Shabbat Shalom!

-Rabbi Dan

Shabbat Morning Drasha: "Confront the Root and the Branch: Evil in Our Day, Hope for Our Future"

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