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What’s the static with cleanroom flooring
As a technical flooring expert, we view education as integral part of the purchase process. So, in addition to making a recommendation for a flooring product, we give our customers the why. For example, what do anti-static products do and how is that different from a static control product as it pertains to cleanrooms?
In a nutshell, products that promote themselves as anti static are intended to prevent individuals from being shocked, not your sensitive equipment. 
On the flip side, static control flooring protects environments that are sensitive to interference and damage from electrostatic discharge.
In clean rooms controlling particles in the air is critical. By generally reducing static charges in the environment with static control flooring, electrostatic attraction is reduced making it easier to keep the cleanroom clean. In addition, the lower levels of static charge provided by the ESD flooring provides a layer of protection for sensitive electronic equipment in the cleanroom.

For more information on how to control static electricity in your cleanroom, please give us a call at 508-583-3200. As backgrounder, check out our latest blog below.
How much does down time matter?
As a technical flooring expert, we present customers with options. One of those is our interlocking product. SelecTech also offers gluedown flooring products. With gluedown comes the consideration of downtime. In this video, SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli addresses the elements—financial and otherwise--of downtime
Industries that deal with areas such manufacturing, shipping, warehouses, and transportation all face similar problems in their flooring and are constantly looking for viable solutions for their future commercial renovation projects. A durable floor that can withstand forklift traffic, heavy equipment, large machinery, and other similar gear is essential in any industrial environment. A surface that is easily damaged can be detrimental and even dangerous to the workers in this type of setting.

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