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Tuesday, June 14
Graduate Council Meeting
what's happening in FAS
  • Reminder - Queen’s mandatory mask requirement suspended
  • Prize for Student Data Visualization
  • FAS Award for Excellence in Graduate teaching 
  • International Research Collaboration Fund
  • Workshop on Mathematical Ecology
  • Queen's Global Summer Inauguration
  • #ICYMI

Further to the update on Queen's masking mandate that you received on Friday, May 27, Queen’s suspended its mandatory mask requirement as of today, Wednesday, June 1. If you have any questions, please reach out to your supervisor, department head or manager, or contact Meghan Hatch at mmh12@queensu.ca

Dean of Arts and Science Barbara Crow invites undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to submit original works of data visualization to be considered for the Data Visualization Prize. It is an opportunity for students to show off their data visualization skills and research. Data visualizations may include everything from charts, to graphs, to maps, to 3D models. The visualizations should be interactive, and can be animated or web-based stories designed to enhance the communication of original research findings.


The Faculty of Arts and Science Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching recognizes faculty members who, in the judgment of their graduate students, have made outstanding contributions to promoting graduate student excellence through teaching, supervision, and mentorship at the graduate level.
To nominate a faculty member, see the Excellence in Graduate Teaching webpage.

Ten awards of up to $10,000 each are available to support globally-engaged research collaborations involving graduate students. It is anticipated that these funds will be used primarily to support the travel of faculty and graduate students from Queen’s to potential partner institutions, and vice-versa, to develop meaningful research partnerships. These collaborations will generally be initiated by faculty members. The main purpose of the fund is to provide support for travel to develop meaningful international partnerships involving students. Eligible expenses include airfare, ground transportation, accommodation, meals, and costs associated with holding virtual meetings during the COVID pandemic.

Other expenses may be eligible. Reimbursement of expenses is subject to Queen’s travel policy and requires receipts. Funds must be spent within one year of the release of the award funds. Deadlines are February 1, June 1, and October 1. Any questions can be sent to moseyn@queensu.ca

The Faculty of Arts and Science Department of Mathematics and Statistics is hosting a Workshop of Mathematical Ecology. The workshop brings together researchers with diverse mathematical and biological backgrounds to highlight recent progress in modeling epidemics, to foster cross-disciplinary discussions, and to ponder some of the exciting directions the field may take in the future. The event runs Wednesday, August 10 and Thursday, August 11 with a full slate of activities each day. Register for the event on the Workshop of Mathematical Ecology website. The application deadline is Monday, June 20 and only 50 participants will be accepted. Researchers in mathematical ecology, especially PhD students and postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to apply to attend this workshop.

You are invited to the inauguration of the Queen’s Global Summer on Monday, July 4. The Queen’s Global Summer provides a wide range of academic courses, events, and activities woven around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on issues of global significance and global challenges.

The dominant theme for the inaugural event on July 4 is gender equality. Following introductory remarks by Dr. Amitava Chowdhury, Project Leader of the Queen’s Global Summer, and Dr. Barbara Crow, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science, Dr. Laina Bay-Cheng of the University of Buffalo will deliver a keynote lecture entitled, Dignifying Girls: Making Sexual and Social Worlds Worthy of Young Women. The lecture will be followed by a performance by Tsiokeriio (Diio) Hagen who will tell stories through songs, which has been part of an oral tradition for many years. Each song has an origin story, relating to the creation of life.

To register, please visit the Queen’s Global Summer Inauguration event page.
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