what to watch for

Monday, May 9
Summer term classes begin

Monday, May 9
Tuition fees due in full for Summer Term classes (May-June/6W1 and May-July/12W sessions)

Friday, May 13
Last date to drop Summer Term classes (May-June/6W1) without financial penalty

Thursday, May 12 - Sunday, May 15
Deferred exams to take place

Friday, May 13
Last date to add Summer Term classes (May-June/6W1 and May-July/12W sessions)

Monday, May 16 - Friday, May 27
Plan selection and change of plan period

Friday, May 20
Last date to drop Summer Term classes (May-July/12W sessions) without financial penalty
what's happening in FAS
  • Academic consideration and deferred exam period
  • Update on masking requirements
  • New Letter of Permission process
  • Bartlett Student Initiatives fund
  • Reminder - Change of Plan period
  • #ICYMI

The Academic Consideration Portal is now closed for the Winter 2022 term as the last day of term was April 30th, 2022. If you have already submitted a request for academic consideration and are still waiting to hear back, please be patient - the Academic Consideration Team is still working on verifying documentation and sending out confirmation emails, and will process your request as soon as possible.
As a reminder, the Academic Consideration Office verifies the time for which a student is experiencing an extenuating circumstance (e.g. illness) and your instructor will provide details concerning academic consideration options which may be available to you (e.g. deferred exam) after your request has been processed. 

Deferred exams are scheduled to take place May 12 - 20, 2022. Please note that all deferred exams are to be written in the format they were originally scheduled in. For example, if your original exam was scheduled to be in person, you must write your deferred exam in person. If your original exam was scheduled to take place online, you must write your deferred exam online.

The Faculty Office does not approve requests to switch exam formats from in-person to online or vice versa. Students who cannot write in-person exams during the deferred exam period due to extenuating circumstances can submit an academic consideration request through our online Academic Consideration Request Portal.

For more information regarding academic consideration please visit our Academic Consideration Webpage.

The university has decided to extend the masking requirement until the end of May 2022 at which time it will review the continuation of the requirement. This action is being taken for our well-being and to help ensure the university can continue to deliver safely on its academic mission throughout the spring.

For more information, visit Queen’s Safe Return to campus website.

As an Arts and Science student you have the option of taking courses through another Canadian university to count towards your degree - known as a Letter of Permission (LOP).

The Faculty has recently updated its LOP process to be managed entirely through SOLUS. You can now easily submit an LOP request in SOLUS, along with making payments, uploading supporting documentation, and viewing the progress of your application - all in one place.

Interested in taking courses at another university? Visit our Course Options and Planning webpage to learn more about LOPs and the application process.

The application process for an International Letter of Permission differs. If you are considering taking a course through a school outside of Canada, please visit the International Programs Office website for more information.

To learn more about how the Faculty is digitizing its processes to improve the student experience read our story: Digitizing FAS processes enhances the student experience.

Applications are still being accepted for the Bartlett Student Initiatives Fund which will be used to support student participation in projects devoted to the principles of personal growth/community service. Projects should provide educational opportunities such as participation in exchanges, competitions, internships, symposia, conferences, and seminars.
Applicants must be registered undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Science and the project must be non-profit in nature. Submissions will be reviewed and considered through the Dean of Arts and Science Office – requests up to $16,000 will be considered. Successful applicants are expected to write a brief statement to the Dean and FAS after the completion of their activity.
Learn more about the Bartlett Student Initiatives Fund.

If you are planning to change your Degree Plan (via SOLUS), the period for making changes will take place from May 16 - 27 and June 13 - July 1, 2022

Students should note that admission to some plans is highly competitive and may require specific prerequisites. If you do change your plan, it may also require more than four years to complete a degree as you may need to complete key courses or prerequisites. It is highly recommended that students who wish to change plans contact the department to seek academic advice.

For more information and resources please visit the Change of Plan webpage.
To book an Advising Appointment, call us at (613) 533-2470
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