Chesapeake Academy's mission: to inspire each student 
to approach learning with 
curiosity and creativity, 
pursue excellence in all endeavors, 
and act with integrity-- so each can make our community and world
 a better place. 

                                                                                                                      October 26, 2018

The Head's Heads UP!

Connection is our focus this year, and we are building upon previous themes of K indness and  E mpathy. As we launched the school year, I asked our students to think about the ways that they connect with each other and what they can do to foster connection within our school community.   

In homerooms, students illustrated the concept of connection. First graders created a chain of paper links that decorates their door. Third graders made houses out of spaghetti and marshmallows, then made their houses into a village. Eighth graders are fulfilling their pledge to eat with kindergarten students once a week. Our students have invested the heart and energy that it takes to be purposeful about reaching out to others.

Since I asked our students to think about the ways that they can foster connection within our school community, I will also ask you, as parents, to think about how you connect to the teachers and to each other in the Chesapeake Academy community.  

We are so fortunate to have involved parents who volunteer, contribute, and show up for all kinds of activities. As we look ahead to Parent Partnership Days (PPDs), please commit to attending so you can effectively partner with your child's teacher or advisor. Your engagement with PPDs helps us help your child be the best that he or she can be; your engagement helps us build a team to support your child. At the middle school level, the students are part of the team, too, and this opportunity to sit down and listen to your child's reflections on successes and challenges is invaluable.

You may spend your formative parenting years here in our school community, so I hope that you will take an active role in creating positive connections parent-to-parent. The parents that you know while you are here will be a part of your experience and your child's experience. And they may well become lifelong friends.

I hope you will continue to welcome new families and to reach out to families that you may not know as well. Plan play dates for the whole class and their parents, have your child invite a new friend to play, ask a new parent to coffee, call another parent and coordinate your volunteerism at the school, help with serving Wednesday lunches at school, or stuff envelopes in the development office. You can coordinate rides to or from athletic practices or make arrangements to swap babysitting with another family.  

Our peers are valuable resources, so find ways to be a help to other parents and ask other parents to help you! Research proves that this sort of positive and authentic connection is one of the largest factors in that sense of well-being best known as happiness!

Julianne Duvall
Head of School 

Class Acts...
What's Happening on the Halls?
Grandparents' and Grandfriends' Day

On Friday, November 2, the Chesapeake Academy campus will be teeming with grandparents and grandfriends anxious to share a bit of the school day with their special osprey(s). Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. in the gym, followed by classroom visits and then some fun student performances for our favorite audience! Students will be dismissed at noon. Grandparents will have the opportunity to visit the Enchanted Forest Book Fair, have a photograph taken with their grandchildren, or consider donating a book to the Birthday Book Program in their student's honor!  
Plan to Partner with Teachers 
at Parent Partnership Conferences

Our first  Parent  Partnership Days (PPDs) of the year are scheduled for the week of November 13. In the Early Childhood and Lower School Divisions,  conferences are designed for  parents to find out about the progress, goals, challenges, and successes of their child, as well as to share any helpful information with the teacher. Lower School students will be completing a reflective piece on their first marking period that will be shared at their  conferences.
Conferences may be scheduled directly through the teachers or through Ms. Connie via email or phone call.  Conferences are available after school and into the evenings for  parent convenience.  If your child has more than one academic teacher, please feel free to schedule a conference with the homeroom teacher (who will have a full picture of the child's academic work) or  conferences  with both the homeroom teacher and the partner teacher for that grade. 
In Middle School, PPD  conferences  are generally scheduled with the advisor and the student. Students review and reflect upon their strengths and challenges, sharing their goals with their parents. If you would also like to meet with a classroom teacher in addition to the advisor and student conference, you are encouraged to make an appointment for a conference with classroom teachers as well. 

We look forward to seeing all parents at the two scheduled PPDs (in November and early February). These times are essential for parents and teachers to collaborate effectively to support the student's best progress. 

The Perfect Pumpkin Patch Day!

After being sidelined by Hurricane Michael, the fates finally aligned to give Pre-K 3&4 the perfect fall weather for a rite of passage at the Belmont Pumpkin Farm! Hayrides, pumpkin picking, animal education, a snack lovingly made by Walter Abbott's grandmother, Michelle Robbins, and the most challenging and interesting playground around all combined to make the trip practially perfect in every way! Too excited to snooze on the bus ride home, students could not wait to see their pumpkins unloaded safely onto the Wiley porch to wait there until dismissal!
PALS Presents Count Mathula

Wednesday, October 17, Bright Star Theatre Presented "Count Mathula" to an enthusiastic group of three year olds through third graders as part of Chesapeake Academy's Performing Arts and Lecture Series (PALS). This rollicking math adventure helped the good Count and his audience learn that numbers, math problems, and even equations can be fun! Supported by a cheering crowd, the clumsy Count learned to love math as much as we do at Chesapeake Academy!

Chesapeake Academy's PALS performances are made possible for the young children of our region through the generosity of the Nettie Lokey Wiley Foundation and the Virginia Commission for the Arts.

Parents Enjoy Muffin Mornings!

Each lower school class is inviting parents in for a glimpse of what happens in school every day. The first of this series of Muffin Mornings was well- attended and well-received among third grade families! 

These Muffin Mornings (or, in select cases, Muffin Afternoons) will give parents the chance to see their child's class in action with a special focus on STEAM projects. 

The dates for these Muffin-stuffing adventures in your child's classroom are listed in the Heads Up dates and on the school calendar.

Mini-Economies Launches Entrepreneurial Initiatives

The economics thread of the Chesapeake Academy curriculum weaves throughout the grades but accelerates in third through fifth grades where students experience basic concepts of economics in the process of preparing and engaging in the Virginia Council on Economics' Mini Economies Market Days. This year the fair falls during our Spring Break, so we will be doing our own fair in-house!  Economic concepts such as specialization, productivity, division of labor, efficiency, productive resources, output and input get plenty of practice in the process.

This week, students applied many of those concepts to the task of creating hamburgers following certain guidelines.  Students worked individually to create as many hamburgers as possible within a 7 minute time period. Then they compared their output with what they could accomplish when they worked in a group that was arranged in an assembly line. 

The discussion afterwards highlighted successes with teamwork, as well as challenges when just one person was in charge of creating many finished products in the amount of time provided. This activity helped students to understand the economic concepts and provided good insight for them as they begin to work together to create a product or service for consumers. 

Fourth Grade Marine Scientists Create New Species!

Marine science is the name of the game in fourth grade these days! Currently, student focus is on the animals that live in a watery environment. Budding marine biologists have learned about food chains and the adaptations animals have made to survive. To pull all this together, students were then challenged to create their own fish and describe its adaptations to survive in the habitat in which it lives. 

Getting Lost? Not Any More!

In fifth grade, Geography students are learning how to read and locate items on maps. They were then given a map of Virginia and challenged to find particular locations and symbols on the map! This was not as easy as it seemed as students had to look all over the state of Virginia, through Map Keys, Points of Interest lists, and even a Map Index to find the locations. 

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Trips

Chesapeake Academy's fourth and sixth grade classes were each excited to experience a one-day educational field experience that included watershed dynamics, water-quality testing, estuarine food chains, oyster reef ecology as well as oyster dredging, trawling for fish, mapping skills, crab potting, point source/non-point source pollution, and the various ways people make their livelihoods on the Bay.

Marine science students boarded the Jenny S. with Chesapeake Bay Foundation educators who introduced the wonders of the watershed. Students observed samples of aquatic life and learned about the effects of human activity on the estuary. Sixth grader Reagan Harding named the fish powwow and seeing a catfish as her favorite part of the trip, and Auriannia Henderson-Jones reported, "The whole trip was fun but my favorite part was learning about the fish we caught and matching fish with their characteristics!"

Fourth grade teacher Ms. Kaitlin Benson commented, "This was a really well-organized field study, and the kids learned a lot while having fun. The CBF staff encouraged them to think about the health of this natural resource and to take positive action to work toward the Bay's restoration when they can. I think the kids are motivated."

Enchanted Forest Book Fair

Chesapeake Academy will host Scholastic's Enchanted Forest Book Fair from October 29 to November 5 this year. It will be open from 8:15 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and afternoons from 3:10 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. 

Grandparents and Grandfriends will have ample opportunities to shop for their grandchildren on the morning of November 2 until the program starts. Following the program, the book fair will remain open untill 12:45 p.m. 

Florida, Here We Come!

In preparation for a culminating field study comparing the Chesapeake Bay to the Florida Keys in February, Chesapeake Academy students took to the waterways with Christchurch School's Director of Place-Based Education, Dave Cola, to compare fresh and saltwater ecosystems. Placed-based Extensions of the Academic Curriculum at Christchurch School (PEACs) are designed to break down the walls of single teacher classrooms and use the natural and social resources in our region to enhance classroom effectiveness and relevance.

Students began the day at the Christchurch School dock, looking at the turbidity of the water in the Rappahannock River, and considering how that measurement might have changed due to the recent hurricane. Using their senses to observe what they saw, heard, felt, and even tasted from that specific area, students discussed the watershed, and how the sun, air, nutrients and oxygen provided for the plankton (the base of the food chain) to allow our unique brackish water be a good nursery for water life and what impact the influx of runoff from the storm could have on the ecosystem. Collecting specimens from the Christchurch beach using a seine net, students catalogued twelve species unique to saltwater environments.

In order to make comparisons between the salt- and freshwater systems, students headed over to Dragon Run, a freshwater tributary. Accessing Dragon Run from canoes, students collected specimens from the grasses and water using nets. Cataloguing about the same number of organisms, students noted these organisms were much smaller and more likely to be insect types than those from the river.

The students explored the interconnectedness between the tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay watershed and the Bay itself, quickly coming to the conclusion that it is important for us to keep the waters on the earth healthy. These basic local comparisons will become the springboard for a more in-depth comparison of the Bay and Florida Keys estuaries.

Richmond Symphony Teaches the Classics

Out of all the orchestral music composed throughout history, how could anyone select a list of the top ten compositions? The Richmond Symphony has done just that in their Discovery Series "Top Ten" concert! Chesapeake Academy fourth through eighth grade students traveled to the Dominion Energy Center's Carpenter Theatre for the Performing Arts in Richmond to explore the classical canon of symphonic music.

Conducted by Chia-Hsuan Lin, this 50 minute concert focused on the important compositions that every student should hear as they develop a sense of musical literacy. The concert repertoire, curated with the help of the Richmond Symphony musicians and local music educators, features pieces that every child should have the opportunity to experience:
  • Richard Strauss, Thus Spake Zarathustra, Introduction "Sunrise"
  • Antonio Vivaldi, The Four Seasons, "Spring," Allegro
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Symphony No. 40, movement 1
  • Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony No. 5, movement 1
  • Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Nutcracker, "Waltz of the Flowers"
  • Antonin Dvorak, Symphony No. 9, movement 2
  • Igor Stravinsky, Firebird, "Infernal Dance"
  • Aaron Copeland, Appalachian Spring, "Simple Gifts"
  • George Walker, Lyric for Strings
  • Joan Tower, Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman
Elizabeth G. Schneider Discovery Concerts, held during the school day, engage young minds through exciting full-orchestra performances. 

Polish Your Parenting!
While we all know that electronic media can be counterproductive when used as a babysitter, some applications and games are actually quite beneficial. Check out " Epic!," an app that offers many wonderful reads for children. Library classes have been exploring this application and have both read a book and listened to an audiobook using the app.

While you are at it, bookmark Bill Nye, The Science Guy and Steve Spangler's Science Experiments for constructive, engaging science activities.

On a completely different subject, check out this article on why explaining their math helps kids develop deeper understanding of the operations and processes.  Explaining their math helps kids grow deeper understanding.

Student Council Scoop

Next Wednesday,  October 31, Student Council is encouraging a black and orange dress day on tag day. The cost as usual is .50, and students may dress in regular tag day wear, but we encourage people to have fun and participate. 

Ian York, Athletic Director
Coach's Corner
The JV soccer team enjoyed an undefeated season this Fall. Many of the students were new to soccer and/or new to Osprey athletics. It was great to see them work hard, learn the game, and have so much fun together. 

The Varsity soccer team had a terrific season! They went undefeated through the regular season, but came up just short in the ISAC Championship. Although they did not win the last game of the season, it was a season with many highlights and reasons to be proud.

The volleyball team showed us what it meant to be part of a team this Fall. When the girls won or when they lost, they had each other's backs and truly enjoyed playing together. 

The golf team also enjoyed a successful Fall. The weather prevented them from playing all of their matches, but they were able to come away with a victory. Each member of the golf team improved as the season went along, and they finished their season on 10/23 with a last match played at the Golden Eagle before it closes.

One bit of housekeeping: please wash and return any jerseys if you have not already done so. 

#win without boasting; lose without excuses!
THE Attitude is Gratitude

  • We are so grateful that the bugs of summer have given way to crisp cool days. The playground is practically perfect in every way! Time to hit the Outdoor Classroom!
  • Pre-Kindergarten gobbled up bats, ghosts, and pumpkin cookies along with their cupcakes at the pumpkin patch. Somehow in the fresh fall air, they were the best ever! Thanks to Michelle Robbins and Kylie Robbins Abbott (Walter's mom and grandmother) for the snacks for the Pumpkin Patch Trip.
  • Thanks to CAPPA for organizing the apple sales!  We love those delicious fall fruits!  Apples have been delivered and are available for pick up in the gym. we come!
  • We rarely see him, but we could not function as well as we do without him! Tim Sullivan, our network administrator, is our unseen, but not unsung, hero! Thanks for fixing, tweaking, and unravelling all computer mysteries!
  • A library is the heart of a school and it takes work to keep that heart in top form! Thanks to community member Alice Riviere and parent Babs Mumma for volunteering their time for this!
  • Everyone has tales of storm clean-up. But the faculty and intrepid parent volunteers set theirs aside to get ready for the Oyster Roast. Even some students leant a hand! Thanks to all of these kind folks. But a special thanks goes out to Malcolm and Marcus Sanders and Corty Mumma who slipped over to clear up fallen sticks at The Residence for Ms. Duvall!
  • From the mouths of babes....Ashlin Kenyon was overheard this week proclaiming, "Ms. Connie, you sure are helpful!" Never underestimate the power of a kind word.
  • We don't often consider the commitment our Trustees make to keeping Chesapeake Academy at the top of our game. These volunteers not only prepare for and attend meetings to set broad policy for the school, they also serve on committees that provide the nuts and bolts experience and legwork that inform good decisions.  If you see a Trustee, take a minute to thank him/her. It is a labor of love.
  • Thanks to Babs and Corty Mumma who hung motion sensor lights on Ms. Duvall's path to The Residence. Everyone appreciates the well-lit walk!

Don't Miss the Dates!

10/29 to 11/2 Enchanted Forest Book Fair, James Library, 8:15 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 3:10 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.
10/31 "Halloween Misfits," second grade, 10:05 a.m., gymnasium
          Muffin Morning, first grade, 8:15 a.m.
11/1 Oyster Education Days, seventh grade, 8:30 a.m. to noon
11/2 Grandparents' and Grandfriends' Day, noon dismissal 
        End of First Marking Period
        Dress Uniform Day
11/6 Muffin Morning (in the afternoon....) second grade, 2:30 p.m.
        Lancaster Community Library Alpaca program, Pre-K 3&4, 10:00 a.m. to noon 
11/7 Picture Make-up Day
        Fall Sports Awards, 10:05 a.m., gymnasium
11/8 Muffin Morning, Kindergarten, 8:30 a.m.
11/9 Virginia Living Museum, third grade, 
        Muffin Morning, fourth grade, 8:30 a.m.
11/10 SSATs at Chesapeake Academy
11/12 through 11/15 Parent Partnership Conference Days
11/12 through 11/16 Basketball hosts open gym, 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
11/14 PALS presents "Sleeping Beauty," Pre-K 3&4 through third grade, 9:30 a.m.
11/16 Bridge and Mah Jongg Tournament, gymnasium
11/20 "Turkeys on Strike" presented in assembly by third grade, 10:05 a.m.
         Community Feast
11/21 Thanksgiving Break
11/28 Tag Day
12/5 Dress Uniform
        PALS Holidays Around the World
12/12 Faculty Professional Development, 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
12/21 Holiday Program, early dismissal
12/21 to 1/8 Christmas Holiday
12/7 Faculty Professional Development
12/10 Basketball hosts Light of the World Christian Academy, 3:30 p.m.

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