Mission possible
Summer 2020| Issue 1
Today's TO DO Checklist

  1. Be really moved by what happens at WICM!
  2. Make a donation through one of the following easy options!
Murals on Flora House garage beautify the neighborhood!
Through grants from the St. James Legacy fund and from the Presbyterian Church in Canada's Special Projects fund we bring you these fantastic murals.

They adorn the walls of the Flora House garage, in a neighborhood riddled with violence, gangs, drugs and sexual exploitation.

We bring hope, love, beauty and a place of respite and safety for the children in the neighborhood!
WICM Staff 204-942-8682
Ruth Magnuson, Executive Director ext 222
Crystal McKeen, Social Worker, 1st Steps Program, ext 223
Susan Currie, Parish Social Worker, ext 224
Brad Calder, Children's Program Coordinator, Flora House, ext 739
Cadena Sinclar, Assistant at Flora House
Cara Jones, WICM Executive Assistant
Miracle Store, ext 287