During the difficult time when a loved one has passed away, the Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation is always honoured when families choose to direct memorial donations to the hospital in lieu of flowers.

It is with great sympathy that we acknowledge the recent passing of  
Roger M. Anderson, Hyacinth Beckette, Vincenzo Casuti, Murray Connor, Elizabeth C. Clyne, Andy Cobean, M. Florence Cornwall, Charles Daniels, Sheila Dos Ramos, Debbie Empey, Heather English, Patrick Fitzpatrick, Lois M. Fulton, Herta Glaser, Jim Hutcheson, Leo Ippolito, Cecile M. Jones, Maree Kelly, Matthew Kelk, Doris Kent, Eileen Lindsay, Mary Christine Lang, Marjorie Lawrence, John E. Lindsay, Kurt Luebeck, Margaret Malcolm, Frank Mariano, Teresa McKinnon, Kenneth McMillan, June Moore, Ella Morrin, Nick Oushalkas, Libero Papagni, William Parish, Marian Poole, Allan E. Proctor, Ronald Kiran Ramnauth, Clifford Kleis Reedyk, Shirley Robinson, Mary Ann Saville, Thevanesam Sivapothanathan, Marlene Scotchburn, Maureen Sheppard, Lloyd "Bud" Snider, Emily Soetens, Chung Su Chen, Bonnie Squires, William R. Taylor, Anh Truong, Joan Wainman, Tim Wheeler, Loretta D. Williamson, Xu   but hope their families & friends find comfort knowing that donations made in their memory will support a healthy future for our community and their legacy will be felt throughout the Ajax Pickering Hospital for years to come.

And I know that no words can erase the feelings of loss & sadness, but this short poem brings me some solace:

"Sometimes when I first awake 
I think that you're still here
And for a fleeting moment 
The clouds all disappear.

For you brought endless sunshine 
Until you went away, 
And now I miss you desperately
Each minute of the day.

You would not like to see me sad 
So what I try to do,
Is live a bright and happy life 
In memory of you. 

For though I'll always miss you 
And it's dreadful being apart,
I haven't really lost you
You're still here in my heart."

Yours in philanthropy,

Tracy Paterson
CEO, Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation  

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