How many patients do you think you can help with just the loose change in your pocket?

The Ajax Pickering Hospital Auxiliary can tell you that it's probably in the hundreds and thousands!  And they should know because through all their different fundraising activities, they have been able to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase new equipment. 

And YOU helped them do it!

Maybe you recently passed through the doors of the hospital and tossed your loose change into their Coins for Care bottle or spent a dollar for a new bedtime read at their Book Sale; maybe dessert tickles your fancy and you used a couple of bucks to buy something yummy at their Easter Cupcake Sale or Christmas Bake Sale.

But you see, that Coins for Care bottle just increased its total by $158.45, now having raised $6,114.85 to date, the April jewelry sale made $262, and the last Book Sale raised $53.  And that money all adds up so that the Auxiliary can fund equipment like some of these most recent pieces:

members of the Auxiliary stand proudly beside the new blanket warmer in the NICU that they funded
*a Sci-Fit Stationary Bicycle for our Rehab Unit
* six breast feeding chairs and three breast feeding privacy screens for our Maternal and Newborn Services

* a blanket warmer for our NICU


* an ice machine for our Post-Anesthetic Care Unit

The Auxiliary volunteers are some of the hardest working people I know, and their level of dedication to the Ajax Pickering Hospital might be unmatched.  And they do it all because they want our patients to have the best care, close to home.
Yours in philanthropy,

Tracy Paterson
CEO, Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation  

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